4 Ways To Fung Shui Your Job Search

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During the stressful process of looking for a job, it helps to try to bring as much positive energy into it as possible. Although the practice of fung shui (the art of arranging things in a way that opens up positive energy) is often written off as "new-age hokum", I think that if there's a chance that it can help, it's worth exploring. Although fung shui is typically something to look into when you are trying to decorate your home, it has some practical applications for your job search as well.


Here are 4 ways to add fung shui techniques to your job search:

Don't block off your resume - Horizontal lines can block the energy flow on your resume. Instead of using solid black, horizontal lines to section off your header and different sections of your resume, just use a couple of spaces. Also, horizontal lines signal an end to the current section and give the reader mental cues that it's ok to look up, stop reading or simply pause, causing them to miss things or never come back to it.

Mix paragraphs with lists - Although bullet points are eye-catching, don't rely too heavily on them. Writing a paragraph about a skill set makes them appear more complex. The trick is to create a balance between the two. A short paragraph, followed by two or three bullet points will make the text seem more impressive.

Plan time for interviews - After submitting a well-thought out resume, block off time on your calendar for interviews. Spend some time visualizing the hiring manager giving you a call and setting up the interview. Don't focus on the job or the paycheck for now, just imagine scheduling the interview. This will help bring energy to your goal of getting the interview. Once you have created the space and you can see it happening, all that's left is for the company to do their part.

Think about your body language - When you're decorating with fung shui, it's important to keep energy open and flowing, rather than it being blocked or stuck. The way we hold our bodies also can open or close our own energy flow. To keep the positive energy flowing through you during your interview, be careful not to use closed body language. Things like folding your hands in your lap or crossing your arms give the impression that you feel threatened or hostile, and close off the energy flow.

Although fung shui isn't going to help you get a job you aren't qualified for or be the single, key reason that you get hired, it can help you stay positive and keep your energy and focus on your job search.



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