5 Questions All Cover Letters Must Address

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Constructing cover letters that impress potential employers is a key element in landing your dream job. Include information that details your experience, skills and personality. Ensure your cover letter is read and not tossed when stacked up against steep competition by writing a letter that wows future employers and keeps their attention.

Employers want to know who you are both professionally and personally to determine whether you're a good fit for the position and the company culture. Cover letters should provide a basic introduction within the first few paragraphs that details the candidate's personal brand and how long they have been working in the industry, according to Randy Woods of the Seattle Times.

When drafting your cover letter, engage the potential employer by detailing why you want to work for the company. Show that you have researched the company, and point out qualities and skills you have that match the company's culture, goals and mission. One job tip is to refer to a recent accomplishment or news article published about the company's success to show that you are prepared and invested in the business.

Focus on the company's needs when writing cover letters. If the position you are applying for impacts overall productivity or revenue, show how you can meet and exceed sales goals or boost income. Dedicate a few paragraphs to innovative ideas you have compiled that would continue and grow the success of the business.

Cover letters should show a common goal between the candidate and management within the company. Describe the expertise you possess that could solve potential problems within the industry or advance the company into the future. Show that you are invested in the company's success and that you have the drive, motivation and expertise to significantly impact production and productivity.

Ask for the job. Many job seekers fail to mention direct interest in the position. Display enthusiasm by detailing your excitement and eagerness to work for the company and begin working right away with the team. An enthusiastic letter with creative wording can make your letter stand out from the rest. Another job tip is to spend ample time on proofreading. Grammar, punctuation and spelling errors can land your letter in the trash and damage your credibility with the potential employer. Ensure your job application, resume and cover letter are flawless to display the time and effort you put into the job search.

Cover letters offer a brief glimpse at your professional brand. Impress potential employers by putting your best foot forward with an eager attempt to show that you are the perfect fit for the position, the job duties and the company culture. Make your personality stand out and your letter a must-read by establishing a professional rapport with the employer before you even walk in the door for an interview.


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