5 Tips to Hit the Ground Running in a New Job

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Congratulations! You got that job you wanted. You passed the interview, and you start in a few days. Now you’re wondering what you can do to succeed in your job to show your boss they made the right decision. 

Starting a new job can be scary for everyone. It’s totally normal to feel nervous on your first day, and second day, and even third too. It takes time to settle in and feel comfortable in your surroundings. However, these few steps will help you hit the ground running in that new job and ease any feelings of anxiety.

1. Be friendly and introduce yourself
The first step in familiarizing yourself with your work is getting to know your coworkers. Being friendly goes a long way and introducing yourself is something that will help you tremendously. On your first day, introduce yourself to coworkers, managers, and everyone else in the company. Try to remember people's names and find some common ground with them. Being friendly with everyone at work and doing something as simple as sharing your name and a few things about yourself helps make a great first impression and who knows, you might make a new friend in the process too! 

2. Arrive early
Showing up to work early demonstrates your enthusiasm and motivation to contribute to the company. Your boss and coworkers will appreciate this go-getter attitude. Not only does arriving early to your shift make a good impression, but it also gives you more time to prepare and take care of tasks that may spring up along your day. 

3. Pay attention 
It's especially important to pay attention to everything around you when you’re in a completely new environment. Pay attention to how coworkers talk amongst themselves and pay attention to whatever you are instructed to do. There is a lot to get used to when joining a new company. However, it is nothing to be afraid of as long as you pay attention and absorb everything that is said. Assimilating yourself into the company’s team and learning how to perform your job the best way possible takes active listening skills. Listen to what people say to succeed within the first few days.

4. Ask questions
While you should pay close attention to everything being said around you and to you, you should also be prepared to speak up and ask questions. Asking questions is a great way to learn more about the responsibilities within your role and show your boss that you want to learn more. Asking questions is also an effective way to build interpersonal relations at work because it helps people feel more comfortable trading questions

5. Don’t take on too much work
While it might seem tempting to take on extra responsibilities to show your boss that you’re worthy of being employee of the month, taking on extra work can cause more harm than good. There are lots of things to look out for and learn when you first join a company. You should first start with getting to know company culture, establishing rapport with your coworkers, and getting to know your responsibilities within your role. In the beginning of your job, taking on extra work might only overwhelm you and affect your abilities to do the job well. Volunteer to take on work only after you’ve fully assimilated yourself in the organization and are ready to do more. 

Starting a new job can be overwhelming for everyone. You’re in a new place, with a new set of people. Maybe this is your first job, or your role is something you’ve never had experience with before. It is easy to feel overwhelmed, scared, and want to go home. The first days can be hard for everyone but don’t let it cloud your judgment. Have faith in yourself that you can do the job. Try your best to maintain a positive attitude at work and you will go far. Being positive also helps create a good atmosphere for all your coworkers. Starting a new job anywhere can be scary but it doesn't have to be the end of the world. With just a few extra steps and a few key principles to keep in mind, you will surely hit the ground running in your new job in no time.


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