5 Ways To Become Indispensable at Work

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In the current job market, those of us who are lucky enough to have good jobs have to work harder and longer just to keep them. In fact, job insecurity is a growing problem in our country and it affects a huge percentage of working adults. Many people who have already survived cutbacks and downsizing are bracing themselves for the day that their job is gone. For them, finding ways to hang on to their job and make it through another round of job cuts is crucial.

The best way to keep your job is to be someone that they can't afford to lose. Here are 5 ways to become indispensable at work.

Share interesting information - We all know how to email our co-workers. In fact, if you think about how many times you've been forwarded a picture of a cute cat or baby, you'll know it's true. Instead of forwarding that type of stuff, try forwarding information that is interesting and relevant in your industry. Share an article or a website that has useful resources for the people in your office. It might feel strange at first, but soon, your coworkers will begin to look forward to the next email and they will see you as someone who knows what they are talking about.

Share your network - Having a strong professional network is a huge asset. If you know someone who could help one of your coworkers with a project or problem, offer to introduce them. It's tempting to be stingy with who you know, but when you're willing to share, you'll quickly be thought of as someone who has valuable connections, which means that you'll be less likely to be replaced.

Attend some training - After working long hours, the thought of spending more time away from home to work on your career might sound daunting, but it can really help. Depending on your industry, there may be some classes, training or certifications that can make you more valuable in your job. It never hurts to be someone who is always trying to learn more. If nothing else, it will put you in a better position if you do lose your job.

Run an industry blog - Write about topics that relate to your industry. If you attend a workshop or other training event, write about it and share the most important things you took away from it. Then, share it with your office. This way, you're contributing to the company's success and showing that you are serious about your career.

Offer to train others - If you have special skills or have had some additional training, offer to teach it to the people in your office. Just be careful with this one because there is a fine line between offering to teach a new skill and sounding like a know it all. However, using your time to help others shows that you are heavily invested in the company you work for. There are worse things thatnbeing seen as loyal.

What other things do you think make someone indispensable at work? Please share your thoughts in the comments.


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  • Melisssa Kennedy
    Melisssa Kennedy
    Thanks Walter! It is hard to keep a good job these days, but not impossible.
  • Walter C
    Walter C
    Sometimes it is easy to get a job, but it is very stressful to keep it. Thank you for your advice.Walter

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