6 Values that Drive Your Leadership Behavior

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As a leader within your organization, it's important to start leading your team or business from "Day One." The overall key to this leadership behavior, according to author Drew Dudley, is to express the same leadership values each day, starting from your very first day on the job. Discover six values that drive the daily choice to be an effective leader in the workplace.

1. Bravery

Bravery, in terms of leadership behavior, means having the courage to not get complacent. Always work to improve your skills and abilities as a business professional. Honestly assess your life, and think of ways in which you might be settling. Make a commitment to growth, and decide that you're never going to settle in your career.

2. Empowerment

As a leader, it's essential to empower your team and help workers achieve their goals. This leadership behavior also benefits you, because when the team succeeds, you succeed. Do what you can to tap into the strengths of your team. Help team members develop their skills by offering extra assistance or training. Pair struggling team members with individuals who can help them with challenging tasks. Complement workers regularly to help them feel confident in their roles.

3. Impact

Create a positive impact in people's lives. Try to leave a memorable impression on everyone you meet and work with. Having an impact leaves a legacy for your leadership behavior. You never know when your positive words, actions or energy may inspire someone to work towards a particular goal.

4. Class

Conflict in a business environment is inevitable. How you handle conflict directly reflects your leadership behavior. Rather than escalate a trying situation, elevate it. Situations escalate when you try to win, but situations elevate when you attempt to succeed. Elevate tough situations by taking the high road. Always focus on what's best for the team, and treat people better than they deserve to be treated, even when you know you're right. That's what showing class is all about.

5. Growth

Never stop growing. This means stepping out of your comfort zone every once in a while, to prevent complacency. Try learning a new skill or taking on new responsibilities. Take your growth one step further by helping team members create opportunities for themselves or by empowering them to learn something new.

6. Respect

As a leader, it's essential to respect yourself and others. Respect yourself by remaining professional at all times, creating boundaries within the workplace and treating others how you want to be treated. When you treat others with respect, they generally treat you with respect in kind. Never allow hurt feelings to fester in your mind. Deal with issues as they arise, and do your best to diffuse tense situations among workers as quickly as possible to maintain a respectable work environment.

Effective leadership behavior stems from these six values and your attitude towards them. How do you showcase your leadership skills on a regular basis?

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