According to Recruiters Your Cover Letter Needs to be Succinct

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Hiring managers scan through hundreds of resumes and application materials when screening candidates. A cover letter that is succinct, interesting and well-written has the potential to grab the attention of a recruiter, employer or hiring manager and increase your chances of gaining an interview. Tweak your application materials and letter so it includes keywords and the elements that recruiters seek.

A succinct cover letter should show how your achievements relate to the role of the position available. Focus your job search on compiling a list of accomplishments in past positions or during educational endeavors. Highlight how these accomplishments and successes have impacted company performance, productivity and profits. Explain how your strengths can ultimately impact the new company as a whole to show that you are the ideal candidate.

Your cover letter should pinpoint the skills and experience you possess that are relevant to the available position. Analyze the job description during your job search, and highlight skills you have that it mentions as desired or required. Find keywords in the job description, and include these buzzwords or industry jargon in your letter. Companies seek individuals who need minimal training. Show that you already have the know-how and knowledge to make an impact from the start.

Hiring managers read through multiple letters each day. Make your cover letter stand out with an interesting introduction that strays from the standard "I am applying for XYZ position within your company." Begin with a scenario, an accomplishment or what you admire about the business. Detail why you want to work for this particular company. A candidate who researches the business and obtains a thorough knowledge of the company's mission, goals, products and services has an advantage over candidates who do not customize or personalize their application materials. Highlight what you find impressive about the business, and detail how your personality, work ethic and skills fit with the company's culture. Show genuine excitement within the wording of your letter to engage the reader from the first sentence.

Recruiters have no interest in how you can benefit for the position. Recruiters want to read about how you can impact their bottom lines, business operations and projects in your cover letter. Outline how you have the ability to work well with teams, meet deadlines, retain customers and provide service to existing clients in ways that are in line with the company's mission.

You have just one opportunity to impress recruiters and hiring managers. Make your efforts worthwhile by crafting a cover letter that outlines your successes, skills, strengths and experience in an interesting and engaging manner. Keep your letter brief and concise, and personalize the wording for each and every position when submitting application materials to potential employers.

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