Assumptions Immature Job Seekers Make

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First time job seekers often start the job search with a host of false assumptions about the process. False assumptions keep you from shining and cloud your good qualities with a veil of immaturity. Conduct a better job search by erasing these false assumptions from the process and basing your job hunt strategies on the facts.

A Broad Focus Is the Best Way to Get a Job

This false assumption causes immature job seekers to send out vague resumes to as many companies as possible in the hope of a job offer. Unfortunately, if a job offer does result, it may not even be a good fit for your skills. Contemporary hiring managers want to interview people with skills sets and aptitudes that tightly match available positions. A passion for the particular type of work and the company is an added bonus. Apply for available jobs, and target the position in your resume for more interviews for better positions.

Cover Letter Are Obsolete

Although hiring managers are busier than ever, cover letters are still frequently skimmed. Eye-catching and unique letters are likely to be read in their entirety. A great cover letter that is short, job-specific and interesting increases your chances of getting the job, especially if your resume is weak or you are a nontraditional applicant.

Longer Resumes Are Better

It is tempting to add every accomplishment, volunteer position and interest to your resume in the hopes of adding up to the perfect employee, but hiring managers really aren't interested in your entire life history. They want to know you have unique qualities that make you the right person for the available position. Keep your resume to one or two pages, and make sure everything included relates to the open position. Drop this false assumption, and include an effective career summary near the beginning of the resume instead of a long list of details. This succinctly provides the manager with a good picture of your skills and experience and how they match with the job opening.

Networking Can Wait

Procrastination is never a good idea, and when it comes to networking, a lost opportunity is hard to replace. The appropriate time for networking is not when you see a job posting. The appropriate time for networking is always. The best place to get a job is through your network. Stay involved in professional organizations, alumni groups, volunteer opportunities and social clubs to keep your network large and your contacts diverse.

Online Image Is Not Important

With more and more people choosing to go public online, hiring managers are increasingly taking the time to check out profiles before making hiring decisions. Keep your public profiles professional. There is nothing wrong with family photos or holiday wishes, but refrain from sharing partying, swearing and questionable photos as well as any negative talk about other positions you have held.

For a better job search, drop false assumptions and stick to the facts. Keep your resume short and focused, and write an interesting cover letter. Never miss a networking opportunity, and keep your social media profiles clean to show your job search maturity and find the best position for you.


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  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    Totally agree @Ferney! People just don't stop and think about that photo that they just posted to Facebook or the comment they made on a current news article. Employers really take social media seriously and they do look! It's always best to go back and clean out your social media accounts. Get rid of pics that you wouldn't want your Mom to see. Or postings with foul language - whether it's your language or the posting is from someone else. I try to go into my Facebook account every few days and delete any postings that have cuss words or that are just generally bad - ones that I do not want associated with me. Even if you are not looking for a new job today, you might be looking for one tomorrow. So it's best to make this a habit.

  • Ferney Z.
    Ferney Z.

    I know this all too well, and as much as I try to tell others about it, I see how people care very little about this type of advice and yet they don't understand that things like their careless use of social media and other factors are limiting their chances.

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