Avoid These Common Hiring Mistakes

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Hiring mistakes have long-term effects on the development of your company. Think of each new hire as an investment in the future of your organization. In addition to having the required skills for the specific position, you want to find individuals who fit in with your current company culture and yet are still able to fuel innovation. Avoid the following common hiring mistakes to improve your company's hiring process.

Searching Too Narrowly

One of the biggest hiring mistakes companies make is sticking to just a few places when advertising positions. Broaden your employee search to include as many different job boards as possible plus social media outreach, recruitment fairs, industry publications and college career offices. Help ensure your recruitment is diverse by looking for candidates in areas accessed by a more diverse population. For example, recruit at job fairs in urban areas and colleges with a varied student body.

Deciding Too Quickly

Don't be tempted to take the easy way out. Although a quick referral from a current employee may lead to a great new hire, it also limits the different perspectives in your office, and relying too heavily on inside referrals may lead to stagnation instead of growth. The same goes for relying too much on technology. Human insight is essential to properly evaluate applicants who may fall outside traditional norms for the available position but still have the traits necessary for moving your organization into the future.

Misleading Candidates

Avoid the temptation to exaggerate or not tell the whole truth during any portion of your employee search. This mistake can foster an unhealthy environment of distrust. The easiest way to avoid this common hiring mistake is by having a written hiring policy, detailed job descriptions and specific benefits that you guarantee. Being honest also helps you avoid the risk of lawsuits for making promises you can't keep.

Neglecting Your Company Culture

Remember that hiring the right person isn't just about skills and aptitude. You also need someone who is a good fit for your company culture. Sharing portions of that culture helps both you and your job applicants make good decisions. Include links to company web pages and social media sites along with job advertisements. Add tours of your facilities to the interview process including joint work spaces and break areas. Introduce interviewees to others in the department to which they are applying. This makes it easier for the applicants to know how comfortable they'll be working for you.

Hiring new staff isn't always easy, but avoiding these hiring mistakes smooths the experience. Advertise widely, stay transparent and follow a written hiring procedure for a successful recruitment process. Be sure to take your company culture into consideration when making your final decision for employees who are ready to get right to work — for their benefit as well as yours.

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