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Competition is fierce in the retail industry, and brand loyalty is the key to keeping customers coming back again and again. Social media marketing helps foster connections that encourage brand loyalty, but many businesses fail to use all of the available tools, such as Pinterest analytics, to make their social media strategy a success. Pinterest analytics provide the information you need to create an interesting, active Pinterest account that will increase customer activity and sales.

Pinterest analytics is a tool that provides statistics on how viewers use your Pinterest account. These include your top pins by impressions, repins and clicks. Each piece of information helps you craft a better board.

Impressions let you know how many times a pin appears in search results as well as home and category feeds. Those with high impressions represent the types of pins people are actively searching for. Share similar pins to boost your total views and encourage new followers.

The repins number tells you how many times a piece of content has been saved to viewers' personal pin boards. This indicates content that people find useful. Repins also expose more viewers to that content as it appear on friends' feeds. Providing more of these types of pins will increase your exposure and strengthen connections with your existing followers.

Pinterest analytics also shares the number of clicks each pin gets, which means the number of viewers who clicked through to your website. Each of these clicks is an opportunity for a sale. Ensure viewers spend time at your site by creating an interesting landing page that encourages interaction, such as a special offer related to the subject of the pin.

In addition to influencing content consumption, the Pinterest analytics top pin can help you foster customer retention. Feature top pins in a special section on your website. This will drive site traffic to your Pinterest board and vice-versa. Customers with their own Pinterest boards are likely to start following you, which leads to more repins and more website visitors, creating a snowball effect that can spur overall business growth.

Feature top pins in your marketing emails as well. Sharing successful pins with potential customers through multiple channels is an easy way to increase traffic without creating new material. Choose pins with high impression numbers to draw in the largest number of click-throughs. Boost sales further by connecting click-throughs with promotions and discounts. Make sure to place the offer on the landing page as opposed to the pin itself. Pins are static content, so having the details on your website allows you to change the promotion periodically to keep it fresh.

Pinterest analytics provide useful statistics about the interactions on your Pinterest boards to help you increase your audience and build brand loyalty. Also check out Pinterest's rich pin option. It allows you to add real-time pricing and availability to pins to make Pinterest a full-service social media marketing tool.


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