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The increasing popularity of online shopping and the ready availability of user reviews give consumers an unprecedented amount of power in the purchasing process. This situation makes the attitudes of employees in retail jobs more important than ever. By ensuring that your staff members create a positive experience for customers, you can improve sales and keep pace with competitors, both online and offline.

As customers become increasingly interconnected through smartphones, tablets, and computers, retail outlets must pay close attention to the quality of the customer experience. Consumers who have negative experiences with employees holding frontline retail jobs can take out their frustration with a store in a number of public ways: social media posts and online reviews are two popular options. With the easy sharing functions on many websites and social media applications, a single negative review can soon be visible to hundreds of thousands of people, resulting in serious damage to a brand.

As you consider applicants for retail jobs, a positive attitude is one of the most important requirements. An employee who is rude, negative, or elitist can be an instant turnoff for customers, and the abundance of online shopping options makes it easy for irritated customers to take their business elsewhere—often at a lower price.

A positive retail atmosphere, on the other hand, can give consumers a reason to come back to your store, even if they can get a better deal at a different location. When people in retail jobs have positive attitudes, offer helpful suggestions to customers, and make shoppers feel valued, they are more likely to create repeat business. In a tough economy, customer loyalty is invaluable to continuing business growth.

According to a recent article by Senitra McCombs, the attitudes of people in senior retail jobs have a definite impact on a company's success. A leader who is approachable, values her employees, and creates an atmosphere of respect is likely to cultivate an environment that is pleasant and inviting. A leader with a superior or negative attitude, on the other hand, is likely to alienate employees. In many cases, an unhappy sales staff translates to an uncomfortable atmosphere for customers.

If you are in charge of hiring or team building, a positive attitude should be one of your top job requirements. When your managers and customer-facing staff members are satisfied with their jobs and supported by upper-level employees, they are more likely to show dedication and make decisions that benefit the business.

Although online retailers are providing a healthy dose of competition for traditional brick-and-mortar stores, their presence in the marketplace does not mark the end of in-person shopping. By hiring positive people for retail jobs and training employees to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere, you can stay ahead of your Internet-based competitors.

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