Common Q &As Hotel Clerks Should Know Before the Interview

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Hotel clerks basically perform a variety of services for hotel guests, such as guest check-in and check-out, assigning rooms and answering inquiries to hotel services. But if you think it's easy, mindless work and you go into a job interview with that attitude, you may be in for a surprise. In today's lukewarm job market where hundreds apply for one job, it pays to be prepared and totally ready for any questions your prospective employer may throw at you. Here are a few questions typically asked of hotel clerk candidates. So follow the Boy Scout motto and be prepared:

What, in your opinion, makes a good hotel clerk?
Good Answer: A hard working, service oriented person who can communicate effectively with customers. They should also be able to type fast, know some basic computer programs, and be able to work independently under pressure with tact toward guests.

What duties were you most proficient at in your prior job?
Good Answer: I registered new guests, assigned rooms promptly and kept records of room assignments and other registration information on the company's computer. I was a problem solver and worked well with house keeping and maintenance.

Why have you chosen a career in the hospitality industry?
Good Answer: I enjoy working with people and solving problems. I've also done extensive research on your hotel (go into detail here) as well as the field in general and I'm eager to learn even more.

What do you expect to earn in this position?
Good Answer: I expect to earn what the industry pays for this position consistent with the experience and training you see on my resume.

Having interviewed for dozens of jobs in my career, I can tell you that preparation and practice makes for a job clinching strategy. Refine and polish is the key.

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