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Putting in a resume when applying for a job is considered to be the norm. However, these days, things are changing. Companies are now asking for a Cover Letter in addition to the resume to accompany your application. To many people, the big question is, how do you write a competent and impressive Cover Letter?

Whilst a resume gives a brief overview of your talents and skills, the Cover Letter is what should really make you stand out. It's there where the company who are recruiting can find out much more about you, and how much you know about the job on offer.

State the reason you are writing to the company by formally declaring your interest in the available job. To make your application stand out in style, show that you've researched the company by detailing some facts about the company or the industry you're looking to work in.

From then on, it's about linking the job requirements directly to your skills. You have to demonstrate how your experience, qualifications and interests make you a perfect fit for the job to draw the company’s interest. That's the most important secret behind the formatting of a Cover Letter and efficient job hunting.

It's also important to try and sell yourself to the company on a personal level in your Cover Letter. Whilst the resume is very formal and professional, the letter you send in attachment can be slightly more relaxed. Try and tell the company a bit more about you as a person because, in addition to your skills and experience, companies are also interested in knowing whether your personality fits the job on not. Include your interests and hobbies on the letter to give it a real edge.

When you're job hunting, you need to ensure that your application has an extra sparkle. If there's any point on the job specification where you can showcase your special skills or experience, use the letter to hammer that point home. Be brief and concise with your points, but remember to emphasize that to the employer in question that they just can’t afford to pass up on giving you an interview.

Once you are through with the letter, be sure to check, double check and triple check for any errors. Poor spelling and layout can make or break a letter of this type, so be certain it's perfect before you send it.

While the resume is often a go-to point of interest for employers, it's the Cover Letter where the difference can often be found. Plenty of candidates are likely to have the same skills and experience you do in a job application, and it's in the accompanying letter where you can make your presence truly felt.


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