Defiining Leadership These 4 Ways

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As a business professional, you likely show some leadership qualities. You probably read a book or two on leadership and noticed that there are many ways to define leadership and many different leadership styles. Discover these four ways great leaders achieve success in their careers.

1. Know Your Team

One way to define leadership is to recognize that leaders know themselves and their team members very well. A great manager, supervisor or department head takes time to get to know everyone on the team and tries to understand each individual's professional goals. When leaders help individual team members succeed, that creates success for the entire organization. The team develops into a more cohesive unit that works well together, and everyone has each other's backs.

To achieve this goal, provide technological tools, professional development and proper feedback so everyone can proceed at their own pace. Tailoring programs to each individual keeps them engaged, active and happy at the office.

2. Make the Office Environment Better

True leaders are coaches who trust their teams to get the job done. Rather than shoulder the entire burden of success, you inspire those around you to achieve the company's goal. Define leadership not by ordering your team around, but by fostering their talents and work ethic. Leaders set the tone for their departments, so remember that workers thrive in a positive environment that bespeaks trust, innovation, collaboration and feedback that encourages them to do their best.

3. Maintain a Positive Attitude

It's very important that you remain positive at all times, even when things get tough. Define leadership as keeping a level head when things around you seem to fall apart. For example, rather than stay angry at losing your best client, turn this situation into a teachable moment for your team by coming up with strategies that help you to keep the clients you do have. Recognize that problems are challenges to overcome rather than issues to complain about. Your situation is only a defeat if you fail to learn or recover from it.

4. Foster Younger Leaders

Take the time to mentor younger leaders. Department heads need other visionaries around them, even if those people don't have formal leadership positions. Teaching other leaders how to step into advanced roles defines leadership as instilling a sense of purpose in those around you. Rather than give everyone a list a of daily duties they need to accomplish goals, empower everyone on your team to improve themselves and solve their own challenges. Everyone has a chance to grow, and as a mentor, you advocate for your teammates and encourage them to realize their full talents.

As you define leadership through your own skill set, it's important to remember that being a leader isn't about ruling over others. Consider these four ways to define leadership, and think of your leadership role as an opportunity to foster relationships that help the entire company grow together.

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