Do You Know How to Manager Your Team Like Superheros?

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Don't be a hiring manager that fits the phrase, "People don't leave companies; they leave bosses." Instead, manage your team like a superhero. This doesn't mean running super-fast, throwing around a mighty hammer or leaping tall buildings in a single bound. However, you can draw inspiration from the traits of pop-culture superheroes to learn how to be the best boss you can be.


Manage your team like the Dark Knight, aka Bruce Wayne, who leads a very busy life. Somehow, Wayne pulls off running Wayne Enterprises by day and running around in a black mask and cape at night while ridding Gotham of crime. This takes a lot of delegation, so learn to delegate your task to the right staff to help run your team.

Delegation doesn't happen if you plan to micromanage your employees. Rather, give your employees independence to do what they do best. Wayne lets Lucius Fox control the top-secret research and development arm of Wayne Enterprises, and that division turns out fantastic tech and gear for Batman.

Contrarily, the Joker has a lot of employee turnover and high expectations for his team. Plus, the Joker always blames his failures on other people rather than taking responsibility for his actions. Manage your team more like Batman and less like the Joker for much better results.


Despite his diminutive frame, backwards syntax and frail-looking walking stick, Yoda is a high-powered Jedi in tune with the Force who kicks butt with a lightsaber. When you manage your team in similar fashion to Yoda, you know how to optimize your team's talents. Yoda trained younglings and Luke Skywalker thanks to patience and listening. Even when Yoda feels the sting of defeat, he never gives up on the people he trains; that's because he knows their potential.

Some traits that employees want in managers include learning to accept mistakes and take responsibility for them. Yoda does this in a huge way in the prequel movies before regrouping to train Luke.

Unlike Yoda, Darth Vader uses intimidation to get what he wants and rages against his employees. Not surprisingly, he also seems to suffer from high turnover, much like the Joker. Rather than rule with an iron grip, let your employees shine.

Gandalf the Grey

Gandalf the Grey somehow gets eight other people to work together for a singular goal. He leads the Fellowship of the Ring on a quest to return the ring of power to the fires of Mordor to end the reign of tyranny forever. To do this, Gandalf has to pick which people were suited for various tasks to get them to achieve a common goal. Gandalf's wisdom, knowledge and feats of magic inspire his team to do the impossible.

Although no one wants you to rid Middle-earth of evil, Gandalf shows you how to manage your team by inspiring them to reach the final goal. You have to know when to push your team, lay off the gas pedal and help drive them towards the finish line of the marathon. Everyone wins when you reach the goal.

To manage your team like a superhero, just look to the fictionalized world of comic books, movies and books to find what works for you. Then, it's time to implement your strategy for the best possible outcome.

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