Do You Need a Career Coach or Can You Do It Yourself?

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Looking for a new job and the process taking longer than you wanted? Considered using a career coach? Here are some pros and cons on whether a career coach makes sense for you:

You NEED instant results
If you absolutely need to land a job now, then this might be your best option. You can't go through a long job-hunting process because of other obligations. You might have a family to support or bills due at the end of the month. If this sounds like you, you can use a career coach and it may speed up the process.

Career coaches can also offer access to their network. These coaches typically have connections with hiring managers and recruiters. You can become a referral for the company that you'd like to work for. This will increase your chances of interviewing and help to jumpstart your career.

You have the resources

Career coaches make sense if you have the time and money to use their services. You don't want to buy the service and then never use it. This does not help you and it wastes the professional's time. Last thing career coaches want is an unsatisfied client.

So, before you click "buy now", ask yourself, "Can I commit to the assignments and appointments? 

You experienced (or will experience) a career change

Career coaches can help if you have a difficult time explaining a career change. You may be a military veteran, new parent, or someone who took some time off and is now looking to re-enter the workforce. A career coach can work with you to create a plan to get hired.

Career coaches can ask thought provoking questions that open your perspective. This new perspective can make you more marketable to those involved in the hiring process. The career coach can also help prioritize which jobs are better fits for you and your personality.

While career coaches offer a great way to speed up your job hunt, here's why they might not be a fit for you.

The financial cost

Career coaches charge a premium for their expertise. And for job seekers tight on money, this may be an issue. However, if you think of the cost as an investment in yourself, the upfront cost is much more feasible. In general, career coaching shouldn't stress you out, it should ease your stress.

You're a go-getter

Career coaches might not be a fit for you if you prefer doing things independently. Career coaches have a methodical approach to creating and executing a hiring plan. If you can't wait or trust this plan, then you're better off continuing your job hunt solo or finding a career coach that more aligns with how you approach things. 

Remember that the job search takes time because of factors beyond your control. Bad weather, vacations, sick days, or other internal changes can delay your efforts. A delay doesn't necessarily mean you're a weak candidate or they hired someone else. 

The extra time commitment

Realize that you need to invest the time in finding a career coach. 

You need to confirm that:

    a.) He/she is legit and gets results.

    b.) Is someone you will work well with.

When researching career coaches, check if they have a web page and references from satisfied clients. Also don't be afraid to contact the clients they worked with. You can learn so much from the feedback they share.

Whether you decide to continue your job search with a career coach is your choice. Be sure that whatever you choose, your choice makes sense for you. Use these points as a guide to help you decide.



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