Essential Questions to Ask to Recreate Growth

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As a leader, your primary goal is to manage employees and operations. However, company growth should also be a top priority to maximize your influence and share your talents. Finding a starting point to further develop your company's success can be difficult, though. Assess the viability of your leadership style and the company's future by asking these questions to promote growth.

Are You Embracing the Uncomfortable?

It is common to sink into a routine and stick with strategies that are comfortable when you are leading. However, your company growth suffers when you are unable or unwilling to embrace the uncomfortable. As a leader, it is up to you to solicit innovative ideas and find ways to manage new initiatives. Step out of your comfort zone, and open the floor for a brainstorming session during your next meeting. What you may find is that your employees are willing to take risks and stand behind new strategies and procedures if you are flexible and forward-thinking.

Are You Encouraging Your Employees to Focus on Growth?

If you find that your employees are too comfortable with routine and unwilling to seek out innovation, it may be time to change your leadership style to promote company growth. Instead of putting your employees in the driver's seat, take control of the operations by delegating new tasks and encouraging your staff to cross-train. Emphasize the importance of professional development so your employees can enhance their skills, which ultimately drives your firm forward with a better-equipped employee base.

Are You Behind the Times?

With advanced technology, it is more important than ever to make sure your company is positioned to stay on top of or ahead of industry trends to achieve company growth. Utilize technology to enhance communication between you and your staff as well as between your staff and your customers. Spend time developing your outreach strategies and use of social media to promote your products or services. It is also important to continuously stay in tune with your customer demographics to alter your marketing and service approaches as well as cater your products to meet the needs of consumers.

Are You Flexible?

It is easy to take the position as the authoritarian when managing, but you could be hindering your company growth if you are not willing to accept that you are not always right. Be open and flexible to new ideas and approaches to improve how your firm operates and functions. While it is not always easy to accept defeat, analyze closely what strategies are producing less-than-stellar results to re-energize your company's success.

Altering the manner in which you lead is a necessary approach to achieve company growth. Lead by example, and open your mind to new ideas and initiatives so your firm stays on top of industry trends and ultimately boosts its productivity and profits.

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