Has the Digital Age Made Us Forget Essential Customer Service?

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Client engagement is the ultimate goal of customer service, but with the digital age booming, the risk of losing sight of how to better serve customers is slowly becoming a reality. Consumers have experienced a surge in poor service, according to a 2014 NewVoiceMedia study, and an adoption of too many digital solutions could be a contributing factor. Learn how to keep your customers satisfied with a balance of digital and personal strategies.

The Steady Decline

Poor customer service can drastically affect a company's viability, brand and reputation. According to the NewVoiceMedia study, approximately 65 percent of customers admit to cutting ties with a business as a result of less-than-stellar service. With the digital age boom and the surge of internet-based companies, a declining focus on customer satisfaction is affecting all sectors. For example, the study revealed that 60 percent of customers who experienced poor service related to a company website promptly took their business elsewhere.

The Impact of Customer Neglect

It is no secret that customer satisfaction and the level of customer service received can drastically impact your bottom line. Consumers have high expectations and expect satisfying relationships and businesses that focus on client engagement. The digital age can send customers fleeing if technology is not used to engage clients when they make purchases or to resolve product or service issues. Companies that rely on digital solutions and web-based buying platforms to substitute service could be losing potential business if a customer-centered mentality is abandoned.

The Benefits of the Digital Age

If utilized correctly, digital solutions can improve customer service. Businesses that actively engage customers on social media platforms, via web chat sessions or through video channels, show that resolving customer concerns is a top priority. Find ways to interact with potential or existing clients by answering questions on Facebook pages, Twitter feeds and Instagram photos. To improve performance, search for web mentions of your company's name to see what clients are saying about your products and your level of customer service. Instead of relying on digital solutions to take the place of your service agents, allow them to supplement your strategies and provide a platform to further engage consumers.

Provide adequate training for your service professionals, and clearly define the company's goals and mission to better serve clients. Offer workshops and seminars to teach your representatives the basics of responding to client requests and comments through digital channels.

The digital age does not have to negatively affect your company's performance. In fact, when used to engage clients and potential customers, digital solutions can improve customer service and reposition your business as a strong competitor. Utilize the tools available to build relationships with your consumers and rebrand your business.

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