How Tech Companies are Improving Their Retail

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Tech companies have made inroads into the brick-and-mortar retail world over the past year, giving them a spot to secure retail sales alongside stores that have traditionally carried their merchandise. Some of the biggest names in tech, including Intel and Google, have created permanent or temporary retail locations to test the sales of their latest products and generate interest in future goods. This move towards direct retail sales has demonstrated a great focus on the user experience, or integrated customer service methods, used by the tech companies to promote their goods. The lessons learned from these improvements may well help other retail outlets remain competitive in the future.

Some of the top tech companies have created either semi-permanent or permanent retail outlets that give them the ability to showcase their products in a real-world environment. At Google stores, patrons can try out the Google Glass, a piece of eyewear that is directly connected to the Internet. Intel patrons can see for themselves the benefits of having that company's tech inside their devices. The placement of these retail outlets is a great lesson for those involved in retail sales. Stores created by the tech giants are always in high-traffic areas, where the additional visibility helps drive interest and gets passersby into the store. They are well-lit and prominently feature examples of the many different products available in the store and online. This adoption of brick-and-mortar styles combined with a tech edge can be applied across the retail industry.

Further improvement in retail sales opportunities for top tech companies can be seen in how the stores do business. Customer service is truly king in these stores, and the user experience is carefully calculated from when shoppers first enter the store until they pass the checkout. Comfortable seating allows users to sit and try on or test out the latest products, making some areas look reminiscent of a comfortable local coffeehouse, while others are designed for more direct retail sales action. Retail store owners and managers can learn much from these stores, especially when it comes to addressing customer concerns with quick service and making buyers feel truly comfortable while shopping.

This year has seen many major tech stock gains, indicating that tech companies are doing something right. One of the keys to their retail sales success lies in the convenience of shopping at these brick-and-mortar locations. The stores make it easy to find items with integrated store searches available at kiosks inside each location as well as on customers' own smartphones. Even checkout is simplified and quick, with fewer lines due to fast customer service response and up-to-date point-of-sale equipment.

Retail store owners, managers, and workers can learn much from the recent inroads created by major tech companies. From store placement to comfort and convenience, these lessons can help ensure that a company remains competitive in today's modern retail sales environment. Adopting the practices of the tech leaders may even give smaller companies an edge when selling goods and services in a brick-and-mortar setting.


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