How to Find a Bigger Job Opportunity

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Given the current unemployment rate, if you asked a job seeker what motivates them most when searching for a new job, one would think the answer would be “the fact that I need a job”, but you’d be surprised. In a recent poll taken by more than 2,900 business professionals, across the Nexxt Network of thousands of niche career sites, we learned that more than 45 percent of professionals said that their primary motivator when searching for a new job is a bigger opportunity.
So if you are currently a job seeker looking for that “next big opportunity”, how can you ensure that you find it? Here are some ways to help you get ahead in your career (in no particular order). Don’t Limit Yourself. Don’t be intimidated by job postings where you don’t exactly fit the qualifications of the position. A lot of times employers post qualifications for “the perfect candidate”, knowing that not all candidates who apply will fit those exact qualifications. Although it is always good to be realistic, don’t be afraid to apply for positions that you want. Don’t Overlook Small Companies. A lot of times, job seekers target large companies in their job search and overlook small corporate America. This is a mistake. Sometimes the best opportunities are with smaller organizations because they can offer the flexibility to get involved in more challenging work and allow you the ability to “climb the corporate ladder” more quickly because your hard work will get noticed more often. Tap into Your Network. Whenever you are job searching, it is important to tap into your networking contacts. They may be aware of non-published jobs or business contacts that can help you get your resume noticed by the right people in a company you want to work for. Make Your Desires Known. When interviewing, make sure that the employer is aware of your desire to work hard, grow in your role and take on challenging work where you will have the opportunity to make a difference and help the organization. There’s nothing potential employers like hearing more than your desire to help them achieve their goals. Do Your Homework. Before applying to a position see what else you can learn about the position and organization before actually submitting your resume. There are several services out there for job seekers that you can use to do company research. Some are free and others charge a fee, but both typically allow you to see who currently works at the organization, the company’s history, and the corporate culture. Some services even have testimonials from past and present employees. Look at The Big Picture. Don’t be hypnotized by the paycheck. While a good salary is certainly a positive, it should never be the most important part of the job. When you apply for a position, be sure to take into account the work you will be doing, the person you will be working for, the ability to get ahead and the corporate culture. These things are all important when searching for a new job. Improve Your Skills. Want to make a change but not sure you have the right skills? Check into some continuing education programs, seminars or courses in your area of interest. Even attending a seminar or taking a course to get your feet wet should give you the confidence and skills you need to pursue a new job with big opportunity. For more tips and tools to find and land the job you want visit our career resource center.

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