How to Get a Job in a Call Center

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Work in a call center can be rewarding and good for your CV, as it helps develop good communication skills, teamwork and patience. Finding a call center job to fit your skills and lifestyle can be tough, so it is important to do research before filing an application.

Pre-existing skills and interests are the key to finding long-term call center work. For instance, if you have previously worked in banking, finding phone work in the banking sector makes sense. If you have a keen interest in a certain area, such as technology, but no prior experience working in the field, it may make you more appealing as a potential employee than someone without this interest. If you have strong political or ethical views, you may consider ruling out companies that have interests opposing your own. It is important to think about how you will work in the role once you have been hired, so research is key.

Once you identify your areas of interest, you can tailor your CV and cover letter to one or two fields. Be creative, and make sure you can back up your claims with facts. This is especially important if you are asked questions about your CV in an interview. Make sure both documents are clear, concise and highlight your eligibility for phone work. Your cover letter is especially important as it is here that an applicants make their first impression on a recruiter, which can also be their last. Work in a call center requires attention to detail, so be sure your cover letter shows this. Online resources can show you how a CV should look.

Now you are ready to start looking for companies to apply to. Job listings for call center work can be found on recruitment websites, company websites, in relevant industry publications and newspapers. It can also be beneficial to ask friends and family if they know of any positions that you may not be aware of. Knowing someone who already has the job that you want can be incredibly helpful, as they can give you advice on the hiring process and job environment, and they may even be able to help you get the position.

Once you have found opportunities for call center work that interests you, it is time to send out applications. Make sure your cover letter is relevant to each job listing and that your contact information is clear and correct. While you wait for a reply, make sure you know whether there is a test as part of the interview, and prepare accordingly.

In an interview, it is important to be confident, friendly and interested in the position. The recruiters already know your credentials from your CV, but they need to know why this makes you a good fit for their job. If you can prove you will be a valuable member of their call center team, you have a high chance of being hired. At this point, it depends completely on your interview skill and personality.


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