Interactivity is the New Way to Enhance Customer Experience

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Customer success typically happens after a customer buys a product or service, and then that client needs to have additional contact with your company to further define how the product works within the customer's frame of reference. The customer experience, instead of success, helps maintain relationships with clients for years after the sale finalized.

Turn your customer success team into a customer experience team thanks to interconnectedness in the company that starts from the top and reaches the bottom. Every aspect of service within the sales industry can help keep customers by making them successful at what they do. This occurs because when customers win with your products, they come back to your company for more, and repeat business continues.

Find out the root causes of a negative customer experience. Bad customer encounters rarely occur because of one person. Examine gaps within customer interactions by mapping the journey clients take from the first time they recognize your product or service to the renewal phase of customer involvement. Determine how some aspect of your company lost a customer, even after the sale. Look at inconsistencies in social media, unresolved support tickets or phone interruptions. Your company must solve those snafus before more clients leave for a competitor.

The best way to track a customer's journey revolves around big data. Assess customer experience based on trackable, tangible numbers found by analyzing engagement rates, usage data, survey results and NPS scores. Your company already pays a lot of money to access these numbers, so use them to their fullest potential and improve your customer interactions.

Get all departments on board for customer experience concepts. It all starts with the CEO, who sets company goals in terms of maintaining viable client interactions for the best outcome. Your company's leadership structure must be on board for giving customers the best possible service, every single time. Perhaps the most prevalent industry that needs this kind of attitude is software as a service. Where would Facebook, Twitter, Intuit or Microsoft be today had these companies not given their customers the best possible attention? Without good customer interactions over and over, these firms lose revenue to the competition.

A good customer journey leads to customers for life. When clients remember good experiences with your company, they think and talk positively about your brand. This type of free advertising cannot be purchased with products alone. Consider that it takes six times as much money to attract a new customer as it takes to keep one you already have, and the cost savings of good customer interactions becomes clear.

The return on investment for mapping a customer's journey means repeat business time after time for years to come. Synchronize your organization to create the best possible customer experience by implementing changes that put clients first before revenue. The profits continually flow once you learn customers come first.

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