Interview Fashion No-No's for Women in Hospitality

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There's no getting away from the fact that in the hospitality industry, your professional appearance will be a key factor in whether or not you get that coveted job. Interviewers in this field will size up your fashion sense as well as your credentials. So before you step into the interviewer's office, step up to the mirror and heed these fashion no-no's:

No wild nail polish or extremely long or uncut nails. No noisy jewelry, or more than two rings per hand. And only one earring per ear. Eschew face jewelry or ankle bracelets.

No tattoos. If you have them, conceal them. If you can't conceal them, have them lasered off.

No open-toed or backless shoes and no mules. Get rid of any shoes that are out of fashion.

No short skirts. Hemlines should not be more than three inches above the knee. No pedal pushers or shorts, no matter how casual the company says it is.

No printed or gaudy handbags. Your handbag should reflect your sense of style and your ability to co-ordinate it with the rest of your outfit. Beyond that, choose a functional business bag to carry your resume, portfolio and reference letters--without crumpling them.

No conspicuous or beat-up briefcases. Stay away from pink, red or elaborate designs. In general, conservative colors (blue and gray) are ideal.

Finally, wearing all black to your interview is simply too funereal for the hospitality industry.

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