Is Your Staff Culture in Real Jeopardy?

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Few things can bring your organization to a screeching halt like a toxic staff culture. The satisfaction of your employees and the productivity of your teams are reliant on a positive work environment. If your staff culture appears to be in jeopardy, consider these tips to make repairs.

1. Get to the Root of the Issue

If there is constant chaos in your office that puts the morale of the team in jeopardy, diagnose the problem before the staff culture gets any worse. Are particular employees bullying or gossiping? Are workers bogged down by heavy workloads or unrealistic expectations? Once you figure out what the core problem is, make a plan to correct it.

2. Encourage Collaboration

Great staff cultures are based around open communication and teamwork. Foster collaboration in your organization by creating shared work spaces that allow employees to work together to brainstorm solutions and reach goals. Make sure managers maintain an open-door policy with subordinates.

3. Trust Your Employees

Staff culture takes a nosedive when employees feel micromanaged. Empower your workers to make decisions and complete their duties without supervision. If employees feel trusted, they're more likely to come to you when they do have an issue or need advice.

4. Reward Good Behavior

When you see employees performing well, recognize them for it. Employees who feel valued are more motivated and satisfied. Regular performance evaluations let employees know what you expect from them and how they measure up.

5. Make Work-Life Balance a Priority

Employees who enjoy a healthy work-life balance are happier when they're in the office, contributing to a pleasant staff culture. Create policies that allow employees to work from home a few days per month. Be flexible with vacation days or offer excellent insurance benefits.

6. Provide Support for Poor Performers

Take notice of those employees who are suffering to keep up with their workload. Rather than criticizing their efforts, come up with an improvement plan to encourage success. Assign a mentor or offer additional training courses.

7. Plan Social Activities

Social events that include the whole team allow co-workers to interact outside of the office environment and connect over topics that aren't work-related. Plan a monthly night out to a baseball game or happy hour. Set up activities in the office, such as catered lunches or birthday celebrations.

8. Be Transparent

If there are issues within the organization, trust your employees to handle the news. Talk about potential fixes and discuss the organization's future. Make sure all workers know how their role fits into the company's mission and goals.

Keeping your employees happy is a vital part of running a successful business. If your staff culture is toxic, make steps to repair it before your bottom line suffers. What steps have you taken to improve company culture?

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  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Cindy A thanks for your comment. Yes, it's long past time to work on bullying laws for adults. Unfortunately it's kind of hard to do when the bullying comes from the top - whether from the head of a company or the head of a country. Maybe in a couple of years things will change. In the meantime, maybe you should consider finding another job and getting out of the toxic work atmosphere.

  • Cindy A.
    Cindy A.

    This is a good, short, to the point article. To dive into it a little more, I had a manager that was doing all the great things above, but it was one of the respected, money earners that suddenly did not like me. They did not "bully" me, they just became sullen and acted that way To and Around me. Very subtly. The manager may/may not have known but it is also the duty of the "adult" to act like one. They may not have liked me and/or my work, but I deserved "business" respect. The rest of the workers, acted with respect towards me in the manner they should have. Bullying is not just a young person"s trait, adults know better. Time to work on Adult Bulling laws too.

  • Eric O.
    Eric O.

    That should read "The satisfaction of your Cliental, employees and management." Yet many believe that the toxic work environment is a bad case scenario however the truth is; any company that is experiencing a Toxic work environment has the lowest performance of Management and the signs and symptom that led to the Toxicity was over looked and that is the Managerial Fault. yes the employees have issues but a good manager can see these issues and should take immediate action to keep it from developing into a toxic environment.

    E. Ojeda, CSS, CNCT, CET, EN

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