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Employers want job candidates who can effectively use their skills and display a professional demeanor. Your cover letter gives you an opportunity to sell these traits to prospective employers. Use these tips to craft a compelling cover letter that shows you are the best applicant for the job.

Gather Company Information

Before crafting a cover letter, put ample time into the research process. Successful applicants know details about the company's business operations, product or service line, company mission and company culture. Researching firms gives you the information you need to both impress the hiring manager and show how your skills match and fulfill the qualifications of the position. Mention details you have discovered within your research, such as key accomplishments of the firm that are impressive to you as a future employee. Scour through the job description, too, to identify keywords you can include in your cover letter to capture the attention of the employer and also trigger the online application tracking system used by many companies.

Offer a Solution

Employers usually seek applicants who can enhance business operations and help solve one or more company problems. Note in your cover letter how your skills can positively impact the company's performance and productivity. For example, if the job advertisement lists a need for a professional with experience preparing taxes, briefly describe your qualifications as a tax professional, and provide information about the amount of money you helped companies save on taxes while working in previous positions. Detail your hard and soft skills that enable you to not only can solve a problem the firm is facing but also showcases your ability to work well with others and maximize work outflow with professionalism.

Personalize the Document

The job search process is time consuming, so it is tempting for applicants to craft a cover letter from a template. However, a generic letter is not going to prompt hiring managers to call you for a job interview. Letters written from a template are easy to spot and do not propose a solution to a firm's hiring needs. Instead, cater your letter to each position you apply for during your job search. Reference the duties of the position, and then list experience you possess that outlines how you can fulfill these duties. To stand out even more, explain how your career goals are in line with the company's mission and express your desire to remain with the organization long-term.

You need a compelling, professional cover letter and resume to grab the hiring manager's attention, stand out among competitors and advance through the hiring process. Take the time to fully vet the firm so you can tailor your resume and cover letter to the position and impress prospective employers.

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