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Finding top talent in 2018 remains a critical component for employers as they grapple with low unemployment and hires moving from job to job to find the best opportunities. That's why hiring like Google can land better employees that fit into your company culture. Discover why you should tap into Google's way of doing things versus tried-and-true methods when trying to find the best people for your company.

Why Hiring Like Google Works

Google didn't become one of America's top employers by accident. The company makes a concerted effort to land top talent by empowering a meaningful recruitment process in every department, whether someone works in IT, on with the company's self-driving car initiative, or as a customer service agent. Interviewers look for three aspects of every candidate to see if they are a cultural fit. Managers utilize Google's corporate mission, transparent messaging and verbal reciprocity from employer to employee to help candidates engage with the tech giant while branding itself as a value-driven place to work.

Don't repeat the same-old recruitment mistakes as try to land top talent. Go with what Google does.

1. Rely Less on Experience

Experience is a valuable tool for gauging whether or not someone is a perfect fit for the position. However, expertise alone does not guarantee someone's success at your firm. Look into someone's transferable skills that work well in any industry regardless of someone's experience. Think leadership qualities, communication abilities, collaboration, organization and imagination when it comes to everyday tasks. You also want employees who can think outside the box to solve problems while innovating solutions to complex dilemmas. Unfortunately, applicant trackers may weed out people with great transferable skills, so you may want to alter that system a bit.

2. Create a Well-Written Job Description

Nothing frustrates hires more than applying for a position only to find out that the job description has nothing to do with your actual duties. In addition to listing mundane points of a job description, have a job ad that gets into how a role affects the company mission and how a new employee fits into the overall scheme of the firm. Top talent wants to have a positive effect on a work environment. Creating a dynamic job description helps candidates ascertain if the position is truly worth their attention.

3. Understand the Position

Candidates must find meaning a position so they can understand their purpose in the company. Hiring managers and recruiters must have crucial insights into each position to relate to top talent. Then, you need to translate that position into words. Accurately doing this lets candidates decide if they are a perfect fit before they even apply.

4. Ask Different Questions

Rather than ask the same interview questions over and over to each candidate, cater your interviews to each person to assess their unique skills. If you have more than one interviewer on hand, divide questions based on various themes. For example, one person can focus on a candidate's soft skills, another can ask questions about technical abilities, while a third inquiries about someone's personality.

When you learn to hire like Google, you take a different approach to onboarding top talent that edifies both your company and new employees. You may find your workplace a happier and better place for it.

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