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The success of pop-up retailing in the digital age is no surprise. Although shopping online is convenient, consumers still enjoy browsing real-world merchandise and receiving personal attention from salespeople. With pop-up retailing, businesses create shops, restaurants or events that exist for only a limited time. The secret to profiting from pop-ups is in paying attention to the details in these key areas.


The first step to a successful pop-up is knowing your goals. Holding a few vague ideas about profit and branding in the back of your mind is not enough to keep your pop-up endeavor on track. Instead create a detailed list of the exact things you hope to achieve through your pop-up retailing. Include specifics on your expected return on investment, but also include the lessons you hope to learn, the branding you want to establish and the regular customers you hope to gain.


The details of the location of your pop-up can make or break its success, so plan carefully. Picture your brand as a person, and see if it fits in with the pop-up retailing setting. Get into the minds of your target customers. Is the street comfortable for them? What other businesses are nearby? Are you a good fit? Is there too much competition that is similar to your product? The answers to these questions help you pinpoint the best location and avoid costly mistakes.


Even if your pop-up makes a financial profit, if you have not paid attention to the branding details of your event, you are unlikely to extend your reputation for long-term growth. A pop-up retailing event is the ideal time to show off creative facets of your brand. Look at every detail of your setup from pre-event advertising to product displays to the packaging used for purchases. Work your brand creatively into everything. Make sure each visitor knows who you are and what you do.


Contemporary shopping trends show that the consumers of the digital age crave excitement and connection with the brands they purchase. Share your story to add a human touch to your pop-up shop. Everyone has a story and as a retailer your shop is an important part of yours. Find creative, visual ways to share your history. Make sure that your employees know who you are and why you do what you do. Look for unique places to add details to your setup that show more layers of your story to give your customers an unforgettable shopping experience that leaves them wanting more.

Profiting from pop-ups involves more than financial reward. Pay attention to the details to turn your event into a brand-building, business-growing success. Carefully crafted pop-up retailing helps you connect with your customers in the increasingly digital marketplace.


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