National Retail Federation Offers Tips for Impressing Retail Recruiters Online

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Getting a retail job does not have to be complicated. The National Retail Federation recently partnered with Macy’s retail recruiters to determine what matters in retail recruiting online. The following eight tips will help you pitch yourself to a retail recruiter.

Tip 1 - Introduce Yourself

Your first step in the process is introducing yourself to the recruiter. You must be deliberate in your choice of words because the recruiter is considering what you have to offer and whether you will be a good fit for a position with its company. Make your introduction succinct and move on to your elevator pitch to reduce the instance of blunders.

Tip 2 - Develop an Elevator Speech

The elevator pitch is critical for retail recruiting online. The NRF estimates you have 30 seconds to sell yourself. You must develop a speech that is memorable and persuasive; tell the retail recruiter why you are the best fit for the position and the company. Again, word choice is important; use descriptive words that demonstrate your accomplishments.

Tip 3 - Create Questions

Just as your retail recruiter is assessing you, do the same with him. You must ask questions to ensure this is the company for you. Practice various questions that you can weave in the conversation without seemingly interrogating your retail recruiter. The more engaging your conversation, the more you pique his interest.

Tip 4 - Highlight Skills and Interests

Your skills and abilities set you apart from other candidates. If the retail recruiter is not familiar with your skills, he will overlook you. The NRF and Macy’s encourage jobseekers to highlight their skills and abilities during online job fairs. If he is interested, your job recruiter uses the information to match you with a position.

Tip 5 - Research the Company

A great way to increase your chances of success with online recruiters is by researching the company. The more information you know about the company, the more you can engage the recruiter. It is important to be creative. Talk about the company’s interest in the community, its marketing strategies or industry shifts that affect customers. You must have factual information to be effective.

Tip 6 - Be Passionate

Your retail recruiter is looking for personality; do not bore him with mundane information. Demonstrate your passion and excitement through your word choice. The more you impress your recruiter, the more you remain on his mind, which increases your chances of getting the job.

Tip 7 - Remain Professional

Professional rapport is essential when you are trying to move forward in your career. Although you can insert information about your interests beyond work, make sure these interests relate to the position. Practice your conversation to stay on track and always practice proper grammar.

Tip 8 - Follow up After the Event

Follow up to ensure you remain on your recruiter’s mind. Your follow-up message does not have to adhere to a certain formula; a simple “thank you for the opportunity” suffices. However, it is a great idea to recap highlights of the conversation and your skills.

The eight tips offered by the NRF and retail recruiters at Macy’s help you increase your chances of getting the retail job you want. Practicing these tips will allow you to incorporate them into the conversation seamlessly.


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