Reasons Customers Abandon Their Online Carts

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Studies suggest that nearly 75 percent of consumers suddenly abandon shopping carts online every year. Businesses that anticipate more sales and then lose business can truly benefit from understanding why some consumers do not choose to complete the sale. Consider some of the reasons why customers may abandon shopping carts and optimize your site to earn more sales.

To Dodge Hidden Fees

Customers who abandon shopping carts online often do so to avoid unexpected fees. If a customer believes that he is going to pay a certain amount for a purchase and discovers otherwise, he may abandon the order to avoid paying the extra charges. Many people who abandon shopping carts after spotting additional processing fees on their order summary go on to explore other online retailers that offer a similar product with no surprise fees.

To Find It Cheaper

Some customers temporarily abandon shopping carts to do cost comparisons with other companies. If they are able to find the same merchandise at a considerably lower cost somewhere else online, they may grab the opportunity. Businesses that want to compete must perform thorough sales research and price their products low enough to attract more sales in the online marketplace.

To Alleviate Security Concerns

A website that hosts a sketchy-looking, insecure payment portal can lose a fair number of sales. With so many consumers worried about identity theft and misuse of their personal and financial information, companies that ask for too much info during the payment process are often met with suspicion. Providing a secure, user-friendly payment system is essential for showing reputability and making customers feel comfortable when making a purchase.

For Convenient Shipping Options

In the modern age, many customers want their online purchases to arrive in a timely manner. Disappointed customers who learn that they may wait over a week for their orders to be shipped often abandon shopping carts and seek other alternatives to receive their orders much faster. Companies that offer a variety of shipping options can stop losing sales to companies with speedier delivery processes. As a result, many retailers are exploring same-day delivery options for its customers.

The Website Crashed

A fair percentage of consumers report leaving their shopping carts behind when the website crashes during their visit. Slow-moving websites can also motivate consumers to abandon shopping carts.It is crucial to obtain the proper server updates and regular online maintenance to ensure that the company website is working efficiently throughout the day. Switching to a high-performance, reliable server can help any company increase sales.

If a company understands why consumers make the decision to abandon shopping carts, it can take inspired action to increase sales. Companies that want to avoid losing sales must make a genuine effort to improve the company website and use multiple strategies to convince customers to move forward with the sale.

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