Should Retailers Focus Only on the Mobile Majority?

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With the continued release of innovative smartphone technology, it is clear that mobile shopping is here to stay. While most major retailers and small businesses realize the critical nature of establishing a strong online presence, many have neglected mobile users. When you consider how many people use their mobile devices as their primary means of accessing the Internet, you can see just how huge of a market these retailers are missing.

The modern consumer does not want to go home or to the office to use a computer to go shopping when the desire hits. Retailers that lack mobile shopping options are going to miss out on spur-of-the moment business. One major problem is that many misinformed retailers do not understand that having a website is not the same as having a mobile shopping option. Many websites do not render correctly on a phone or tablet. Incorporating apps into the mix takes mobile shopping to the next level. Offering users a discount when they shop with their smartphone is just one of the many ways to entice people to start using a mobile shopping app, not to mention the convenience mobile shopping provides.

Many retail companies consider mobile shopping secondary to standard e-commerce; however, consumer trends show a growing interest in mobile shopping. It is up to savvy brick-and-mortar and online retailers to take advantage of this trend. Major companies like Amazon are reaping the benefits, but many companies are simply failing. Botched attempts at apps that are difficult to use, poorly and rarely maintained mobile websites, and other mishaps do not go unnoticed by mobile shopping enthusiasts.

There are other ways for businesses to incorporate mobile shopping into their retail strategies. While walk-in shopping is certainly not dead as shopping is still enjoyable to many people, it is a good idea to turn stores into fulfillment centers as well. Being able to shop on-the-go and then pick up an item when it is convenient is appealing to modern consumers.

Retailers should also consider combining mobile shopping with an in-store experience. There is nothing wrong with employees using a smartphone or tablet to assist customers as needed. After all, savvy shoppers are converting to mobile and online shopping because it is so easy to look up information, which is quickly making in-store employees irrelevant. Arming store associates with mobile devices allows them to be much more informed and helpful.

Modern retailers need to look toward the future, and smartphones are going to play a major role. Take advantage of the fact that many brick-and-mortar and online retailers are missing the opportunity to incorporate user-friendly mobile shopping solutions. Strengthen your marketing focus, and make an overhaul of the way consumers view mobile shopping.


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