Should You Work With a Staffing Firm?

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If you're pounding the pavement every day and still haven't landed a job, consider signing up with a staffing firm. As a staffing firm employee, you help companies meet their immediate needs if a position is vacant or a permanent staff member is away temporarily. Here are four reasons why joining a staffing agency is a good career move.

1. Expand Your Professional Network

Recruiters at staffing firms have direct access to top employers within a variety of industries. If you're just starting your career or entering a new industry, you probably don't have many professional connections, and it might be difficult for you to land an interview at some of the top firms in your area. Let a staffing agency help you get your foot in the door. If you're professional, well-groomed, reliable and skilled, recruiters won't hesitate to place you in positions at top firms where you can meet other professionals and start expanding your professional network.

2. Boost Your Skills and Experience

If your resume falls short in the skills or experience section, working with a staffing firm for at least a few months might be a good idea. Each company you work for and each job you perform can help enhance the Experience and Skills sections of your resume. You also benefit by having the names of top companies within your industry listed on your application materials. When big-name companies like Apple or Microsoft are listed on a candidate's resume and cover letter, employers instantly take notice.

3. Test a New Career

Staffing firms are ideal for individuals who don't know exactly what they want to do with their careers. As a temporary worker, you have the ability to experience different industries without making a commitment. You're able to speak to employees from different industries and gain firsthand insight into their daily activities. You can get a feel for a company's culture and observe hiring managers and other company leaders before deciding if you want to apply for a permanent job. You also learn more about yourself and your professional interests while working as a temp.

4. Get Money and Flexibility

Working with a staffing agency allows you to earn some cash during your search for permanent employment. Most temp agencies pay a fair wage to professionals, so you'll be able to keep yourself well-groomed and pay for gas and other interview-related expenses while looking for permanent work. You also benefit from having a flexible schedule, as you can decline a job assignment or leave work early if you have to attend a job interview. As long as you provide advanced notice, the agency won't hold this action against you.

Staffing firms have connections that can help you get your foot in the door at some of the top companies within your industry. Once you're in, go above and beyond the call of duty, and network like crazy. Also, don't be afraid to leave a copy of your resume and cover letter with hiring managers, as long as this practice doesn't go against the rules of the staffing firm.

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