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A cover letter is your opportunity to describe what you have to offer to the company for which you want to work. In order to help you successfully land the job you want, your cover letter must highlight your skills, relevant experiences and your enthusiasm for the role.

First of all, your cover letter should demonstrate your understanding of the company and the role you would be expected to play within it. You should write a unique cover letter for every job application that you submit. Start by researching the company online via its website and LinkedIn profile. One way to show how well you fit in is to adopt the tone used on the company's website, whether it is serious or laid-back. If the company has had any inspiring achievements recently, you can mention how they factored into your decision to apply for the position. Finally, if you know anyone who works for the company, feel free to drop their name here, with their permission. Including these details shows your enthusiasm regarding becoming a part of the organization.

Once you've demonstrated your understanding of the role, you need to show how well you can fill it. Highlight your relevant experience and skills. Whereas your resume needs to be tightly focused on the facts of your career, such as dates of employment, your cover letter can expand on your experiences in more detail. If there is a project you have completed that you are particularly proud of, mention it in your cover letter and explain how the experience helped to prepared you for the role for which you are applying. Make sure the experiences you write about are relevant to your job application. For example, if the job posting calls for strong teamwork skills, you should highlight how you worked with others to achieve your goals.

If you are applying for a job that is outside of your previous experience, you need to highlight your transferable skills in your cover letter. For example, if you are applying for a sales job after having previously worked in event planning, explain how your previous role helped you to develop your communication and negotiation skills. Leave out the parts of your old job that aren't relevant to the new position; your cover letter needs to be concise and to the point.

Your cover letter is your opportunity to show what a good fit you are for the job you want. As well as showing off your skills and experience, use your cover letter to convey your personality and to demonstrate your enthusiasm and motivation. By showing your understanding of the company and your suitability for the role, you can make your cover letter truly outstanding.


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