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For sales professionals, a tablet computer is more than a convenient mobile computing device; it is also a valuable sales tool. The portability and easy connectivity of a tablet makes it a natural option for salespeople on the go. By taking advantage of the latest tablet apps and capabilities, you can boost sales and create a smoother workflow.

Instant Access

Sales is a time-sensitive profession, and even small delays can kill a deal. A tablet computer collects all of your sales materials in one convenient location, so you don't have to worry about carrying the latest brochure or spec sheet. Instead of rummaging through your bag and losing the customer's attention, you can pull up supporting information immediately without disrupting the conversation. Since all of your digital files can fit on the tablet, you'll have instant access to any document you need. The interactive nature of a tablet enables you to scroll easily to the correct graphic, search for a statistic or play videos.

Updated Materials

Many companies struggle to keep each salesperson supplied with the latest brochures and technical documents. Industries that change rapidly often work overtime to update and print materials that reflect the current state of the product. An Internet-connected tablet computer can solve all of these problems by enabling you to access sales documents from a central server. When marketing staff members make a change to a brochure, it will automatically be reflected in the document you pull up on your tablet. Updated prices and technical specs enable you to give compelling presentations. As an added benefit, you'll also save money on printing costs.


A tablet computer is lightweight and slim, so it fits easily into your briefcase or purse. For sales professionals who travel frequently, the weight and space reduction offer an increase in comfort and convenience. Whether you're heading to a trade show or a meeting with a remote client, a tablet is easier to carry than a box of materials. With a tablet in your bag, you can give a sales pitch at a moment's notice.

Easy Information Management

When you travel with a tablet computer, there's no need to worry about waiting until you get back to the office to update your contacts or sales database. Instead, input a new customer's contact information or update sales numbers immediately into your database using a sales app, a Web-based platform or an onboard contact management system. At the same time, you can add notes that help you craft a more personal pitch in the future. The increased speed reduces the likelihood that you'll forget important details or let data entry pile up. With the time you save, you can dedicate more time to in-person customer interaction.

Lighter and more portable than a laptop, a tablet computer is an ideal tool for mobile sales professionals. Whether you are taking a meeting across town or presenting to customers in the field, a tablet can make your job easier and more convenient.


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