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Each holiday season, print and digital publications release their "best tech gifts" lists to give shoppers ideas for the trendiest technology gifts. For people in the technology industry, consumer trends offer an indication of future sales and development possibilities. By staying on top of the latest must-have items in technology, you can be prepared for the increased demand for specific products.

With the ever-growing popularity of smartphones, technology businesses are likely to see a growth in sales over the holiday season. One of the most popular smartphone retailers, Apple, released two new versions of the iPhone: the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c. Both phones are sure to appear on the "best tech gifts" lists for the 2013 season. According to a recent story in the International Business Times, the iPhone has slowly been become available for sale in countries around the world, and continues to see strong sales. Although Apple has a supply to meet the demand, the popular gold iPhone is in short supply. The company quickly sold out of the gold phone in the United States, and the shortage continues around the world.

For technology professionals, the gold iPhone represents a valuable commodity; businesses that manage to retain a stock are certain to see a spike in sales as shoppers rush to secure the color for holiday gifts. The more inexpensive iPhone 5c is likely to be a popular item as well, particularly for consumers who are looking for midrange gifts. The phone retails at $99 for buyers in the United States with a phone contract. When it comes to the best tech gifts, both iPhone models will be popular options—particularly if the gold-colored phone shortage continues and the demand increases.

The e-reader trend has leveled off in recent years, leaving room for another of the best tech gifts: the tablet computer. From the Apple iPad to the Microsoft Surface, consumers have a wide range of choices. Apple fans are sure to flock to the brand-new iPad Air, which weighs just one pound. If your tech business focuses mainly around Windows products, the Dell XPS 10 is a comparable alternative; it runs Windows 8 and can be customized with an optional keyboard for additional functionality. The XPS 10 also runs Microsoft Office, giving it an advantage over the iPad in the race for the best tech gifts of 2013.

Many consumers are integrating technological devices into all aspects of their lives, from cooking to fitness. For technology businesses that specialize in smaller devices, fitness trackers are a growing trend. Products like the Fitbit Flex, a bracelet that tracks steps and calories, to the Body Media Fit, which offers more comprehensive data, are popular options on lists of tech gift ideas.

As your company gears up for the holiday season, it is crucial to stay on top of the latest trends in tech gift ideas. By coming prepared with knowledge of the best tech gifts, you can be ready to meet increased demand for the 2013 holidays.


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