The Purpose of Customer Service

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Customer service is unpredictable in any industry, but it is a necessary practice to attract and retain clients. The purpose of catering to customers is to ensure your company produces a profit and delivers services and products that satisfy and please clients.

One of the primary purposes of customer service is to gain a competitive advantage in the industry. Businesses who focus on engaging with customers in ways that the competition won't or can't have a competitive edge, explains Seth Godin, marketing expert and author. Your clients crave service that is personal and memorable, and when they leave a transaction with your business satisfied, they are likely to return. Businesses who invest in creating a company culture that embraces quality service is likely to rise above the competition and attract more clients.

Companies also embrace customer service as a means to build trust with potential and existing clients. Repeat business is considered a privilege, and the service provided focuses on creating personal connections with clients to build loyalty. Retain customers by making the service personalized and customized to meet their needs, and the repeat business becomes automatic in many cases. Customers who feel a personal connection to a business also spread the word and naturally market the company. When clients are satisfied and feel special, they are more likely to tell friends and family, ultimately increasing the customer base for the company without the need for expensive advertising and marketing.

Another key purpose of customer service is to raise expectations of clients. Representatives who go above and beyond to find the right product or service or troubleshoot a problem quickly are bound to meet the needs of clients and make them feel valued. Whereas many companies have resorted to automated service options, those who rise above the competition rely on face-to-face interaction and personalized service. A business who promotes a company culture that demands customer satisfaction often sees the result in productivity and profits.

Implementing personal customer service does not have to be a challenge. Your employees can enhance the experience for clients with friendly gestures, positive body language and personalized greetings at the beginning of the transaction. Train employees to follow through to resolve customer problems and make the client feel valued from the first greeting to the completion of the transaction. Many customers want to feel valued and return to a place of business if they feel as if their business was appreciated.

The purpose of customer service is to satisfy clients and build loyalty. Word of mouth is powerful and often one of the most successful marketing strategies. Companies who invest in training employees to make clients feel valued can increase productivity and profits naturally without investing in expensive marketing and advertising strategies.

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