Three Easy Ways to Stand Out in a Retail Job Application

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The retail industry experiences frequent employee turnover, which means that most retail professionals will search for multiple jobs in the course of their careers. By following time-honored job application tips, you can stand out from the crowd and boost your chances of getting through to the interview round.

Although the United States has experienced slow economic growth in the last several years, it is expected to pick up in 2014. According to a recent story from SFGate, both the economy and consumer spending are expected to increase in 2014, which means that retailers will likely need more workers. To make it easier to secure one of the new open positions, it is important to follow the job application tips that give you a competitive edge.

For retail professionals, one of the most important job application tips is to create position-specific documents. Instead of sending out the same resume to each employer, take the time to tailor it to fit each of your target retail jobs. This is particularly important when you are applying to stores with a specific concept or an unusual customer service plan. If you want to work at a store that uses social media to promote sales and answer customer questions, for example, you might highlight your expertise with past social media promotions.

When applying for retail jobs, many candidates fail to use cover letters to their advantage. One of the best job application tips is to create a cover letter that stands out. Instead of using boilerplate text, take the time to craft a personal letter that explains your interest in the company and lets the employer know why you would be an asset. The cover letter is an excellent place to showcase your knowledge of the employer, so use it to demonstrate that you've researched the retail concept, the competitors, the target audience, and the marketing strategy. This signals to the employer that you are dedicated and detail oriented.

Many employers are now utilizing online application forms. This enables them to capture the same information about each applicant, making for easy comparisons. When it comes to online forms, most job application tips don't apply because there is little room for creativity. Instead of putting your own spin on the information, try to use words that will help you get through the automated systems. Fill out the application with a copy of the job description in front of you, and use similar phrases when describing your experience. Pay special attention to the wording in the job requirements because it may be used to weed out unqualified applicants.

Whether you're looking for your first job out of college or a new professional challenge, prospects in the retail industry are positive. By learning from useful job application tips, you can craft persuasive, powerful applications that will help you get the job.



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