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The Temkin Experience Survey rates the customer service experiences of 10,000 customers who have recently used the services of 268 companies. Temkin’s survey focuses on the functional, accessible and emotional components of the customer service experience and requests consumers to rate each interaction.

The customer service experience is one of the most important components of company success. According to a recent Nexxt article on customer service experiences, there is an estimation that unsatisfactory customer service causes American businesses to lose $20 billion a year. This leaves the impression that the companies ranked highest in Temkin’s customer experience survey are among the most lucrative in their industry. On the Temkin survey, the top five companies of the 268 surveyed are:

1. H.E.B. — Grocery Chain Industry

The H.E.B. Grocery Company is a San Antonio-based privately owned supermarket chain. The Forbes’ list company holds more than 350 stores in Texas and northern Mexico. H.E.B. Groceries operates various stores that cater to different consumer needs such as an extensive collection of organic and international foods as well as wine and beer, non-food department store items, discount grocery and authentic Spanish food items. H.E.B. stands at No. 1 on Temkin’s survey with an 88 percent rating.

2.Trader Joe’s — Grocery Chain Industry

Trader Joe’s is another privately owned grocery chain founded in California with more than 400 stores. Trader Joe’s concentrates on selling food items from its own brand that ranges from everyday food items to unique items. The company focuses on organic and environmentally friendly products, and employee pay is considerable in comparison to other grocery stores and serves as an aid to morale. Trader Joe’s is No. 2 on the Temkin Customer Experience Survey with an 84 percent rating.

3. Publix — Grocery Chain Industry

Publix Super Markets Inc. is an employee-owned supermarket with operations in the Southeastern states. It focuses on premium products and is one of the largest of the United States regional supermarket chains alongside Kroger, Whole Foods and IGA. Publix specializes in grocery, produce, deli, meat and seafood departments along with bakery and floral departments. Some Publix stores offer a pharmacy and even a liquor store. It comes in at No. 3 on Temkin’s survey with a survey score of 83 percent.

4. Chick-fil-A — Fast Food Industry

Chick-fil-A is a privately owned fast-food chain known for its strong Southern Baptist background. Chick-fil-A thrives in the fast-food industry, despite being closed on Sundays, due to its exceptional customer service and quality food items that revolve around chicken cooked with 100 percent refined peanut oil. Chick-fil-A comes in next on Temkin’s survey with an 83 percent rating.

5. Aldi — Grocery Chain Industry

Aldi is the first grocery chain industry on Temkin’s survey not based in America. The German company has more than 9,000 stores worldwide in addition to the Trader Joe’s operations in the United States. Aldi sells lower-priced items of its own brand, with the ability to purchase other brands at a limit. Aldi comes in fifth on Temkin’s survey with an 82 percent rating.

Consumers queried by the Temkin Group mirrored the American population in age, gender, income, location and ethnicity. The 269 companies covered 19 industries such as airlines, Internet service providers, restaurant chains and more.


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