Trends in Fall and Winter Fashion

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As summer winds down, retailers are beginning to implement fashion trends that were introduced months ago in high-end fashion shows. Whether you work in a customer-facing retail position or a back-end buying position, having knowledge of upcoming trends can help you make profitable business decisions.

Fashion trends change frequently, keeping retail professionals on their toes. One of the most-anticipated fashion trends involves the most popular colors, which shift from season to season. Each year, Pantone announces its top color, often inspiring clothing and accessory designers; for 2013, Pantone's top color is emerald green, and the color showed up consistently on the fall and winter runway shows, indicating that it will be a mainstay of 2013 fashions.

Leather pieces, which are wardrobe classics, continue to be a popular option for the fall and winter 2013 fashion lines. Instead of traditional black or brown leather, however, the 2013 fall fashion trends include pieces in bright jewel tones. Leather transcends age boundaries; according to a recent piece in AARP magazine, leather skirts are ideal investments. Whether your business caters to young, trendy customers or older, sophisticated clientele, leather pieces are sure to be big sellers.

As the temperatures drop, consumers are ditching their sandals and strappy heels and reaching for warmer boots. The bootie trend of 2012 continues into 2013, giving fashion followers the option to carry their older footwear into the new season. The latest bootie styles, however, feature buckles and other embellishments. They can be worn with skirts, dresses, and pants, making them a practical part of winter fashion. Booties for 2013 are available in both flat and heeled styles that are compatible with other fashion trends.

Masculine tailoring elements are a popular option for 2013 women's fall and winter fashion. Menswear-inspired details are likely to show up primarily on blazers and winter coats, but they may also feature in women's pants. Large, crisp lapels, cropped pants, and tailored details are all popular for fall and winter. Some designers are offering dramatic menswear-inspired suits, but mainstream retail outlets are more likely to carry pieces with subtle detailing.

Although women's fashion gets the bulk of the media coverage and retail attention, 2013 also brings new fashion trends for men. When it comes to suits, fall and winter offerings include head-to-toe charcoal-gray looks in both casual and work attire. Claret red is also popular in full ensembles and accent pieces.

Whether you work in retail journalism or fashion buying, staying on top of the latest fashion trends is vital. By keeping up to date on the most popular styles and colors, you can ensure that your business remains current with changing consumer behavior.

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