Vision Statement vs Mission Statement

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Your company's vision statement does more than define what your company does. It outlines the core values your firm needs to achieve its long-term goals. Having this kind of one-line statement helps your employees focus on how to achieve strategic goals as part of a successful business model. Discover what it takes to compose such a statement and why it is important.

Vision Statement Versus Mission Statement

Do not confuse a vision statement with a mission statement. A mission statement describes why your company exists. A vision statement helps to inspire your team, clients and customers to take your business model to the next level. The one-sentence statement outlines where you want the company to go in terms of identity, branding, marketing and product pushes. Rather than defining this vision with data, you have a simple, one-line version of what your company intends to do until it reaches its goals.

Many top brands have a powerful vision. Part of Disney's goal is, "to make people happy." The presumption is that making people happy leads to financial success. Instagram wants to "capture the world's moments" one picture at a time. Both of these statements successfully convey the principle goals of these world-famous brands, and they make impactful statements with powerful words.

How to Write a Visionary Sentence

You don't have to go out and remake your company's brand to have a precise, impactful statement. A vision statement embodies aspects of your mission, core values, purpose and goals in a single sentence or a short paragraph. Make it memorable, but also, make it a statement your team can already relate to.

Gather your team together in a collaborative environment. Review your firm's long-term goals and imagine what your industry would look like when you achieve those goals. Consider asking your co-workers how they want customers to view the company. The outcome of your goals should look like something new that no company in your industry has accomplished. As such, your vision must also be unique and set your firm apart from the competition.

Receive Feedback

Interview stakeholders in your company to find out their ideas when crafting a vision for your company. Talk to executives, managers, investors, entry-level employees and customers. You never know when a common theme may emerge to give your team an "a ha" moment when your vision statement comes together.

Once you have a vision, share it with the world. Put it on social media and your company letterhead. Make it a part of correspondence, such as internal memos. That way, everyone is on board for moving forward.

Remember, a vision statement embodies the spirit of your strategic goals. After you create this statement, it's your job to help bring that vision to fruition through your own actions and by inspiring your team to action. How have you directed a statement of vision for you company?

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