Want a Successful Holiday Season? Go Mobile!

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It’s that time of year again when you begin seeing visions of sales beyond your wildest dreams or at least meeting projected sales estimates. The mobile site industry can help your brand meet those holiday sales expectations if you utilize it properly. Because you have a business to run and might not be technologically skilled enough to get your site holiday ready, set up meetings with some key people.

Meet with your sales team to discover which products are your tops sellers. If you only sell one product, find out what the sales were via your mobile site and app, during the last quarter of the previous year. Then meet with your suppliers to bring them up to speed on sales projections. Doing so helps you deliver the product to customers in a timely manner; they'll remember your expedient delivery next year.Set up a meeting with your mobile app, website developers and your advertising team. Ask them to present you with a plan to turn up the advertising a notch. Keep in mind that you want to reach as many new customers via mobile as possible, while still maintaining a great relationship with current customers.

If your mobile site is an abbreviated version of your full Internet site, ask the developers to expand it. Make it as close to the full site as possible, if not completely overhauling the mobile version to be one in the same with the web version. Most smart phones and tablets are capable of displaying and interacting with your actual website, so give potential customers the opportunity to see all that you have to offer right from their phones.

The developers should also check how fast each page of your mobile site loads on various devices. Most people who shop on their phones won’t take the time to wait for page loading. If your pages load slowly, give the developers permission to boost them up. If a shopper can find what they’re looking for quickly, they'll have more time to look around the site to find other things they need.

Connect with your customers by communicating your message, or mission statement, clearly and unmistakably. Do this with a slogan that’s placed on the site or app that mobile users see as soon as they visit. Slogans are often what customers remember about a brand and if your slogan is memorable, they'll go to your mobile site first. If you don’t have a slogan, ask your advertising agency to come up with one, or have a meeting with employees to devise one that clearly and creatively depicts your brand.

Begin getting things prepared for the holiday season as soon as the leaves start turning colors in the fall. Use the power of social media and other advertising venues to drive people to your mobile site. Remember that the easier and faster your site operates, the more sales you'll rake in this holiday season.


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