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Many job seekers spend a lot of time tweaking their resumes, but only a few minutes writing their cover letters. This is a big mistake. Your cover letter is the first thing a hiring manager sees when opening your application packet, so it needs to make a great impression. If you are currently searching for a new job, follow these cover letter tips to ensure you stand out in the marketplace.

Hiring managers want to see cover letters that contain information not found in your resume. Many candidates make the mistake of submitting letters that are simply a rehash of the information found in other application documents. Doing so wastes a good opportunity to tell the hiring manager why you are the right candidate for the job. Your cover letter will contain some of the same information as your resume, such as your current position and employer, but you should also include information about your achievements.

It's important not to write too much in your cover letter, but you should also be wary of not giving the hiring manager enough information. Some candidates submit cover letters with nothing more than one or two sentences in them. This is not enough to convince a hiring manager you deserve to move to the next step in the hiring process.

Even though it's important to customize cover letters, each letter should contain some of the same elements: the name of the job you want, a list of your relevant skills and an explanation of how you will apply your skills in a particular position. Each cover letter should also demonstrate professionalism and a positive attitude. If you have skills beyond what is required for the position, be sure to include them in your letter.

You also need to make sure the hiring manager understands you know what is required to succeed in the role. Most job advertisements contain a short list of duties, but they do not contain everything you need to know about a position. Read between the lines to see if you can identify the essential skills that would set you apart from other candidates. If the advertisement contains a detailed list of responsibilities, pick one or two and explain how you would use your professional skills to handle those duties.

Finally, make sure your cover letters demonstrate that you have taken time to learn more about each company before sending your application materials. Writing intelligently about a company's products and services demonstrates your initiative and shows you have what it takes to succeed in a particular industry.

Writing high-quality cover letters is one of the most important skills to master if you want to succeed in your industry. If you are currently looking for your next job opportunity, follow these cover letter tips to ensure hiring managers take notice of your skills and expertise.

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    And don't forget the 'thank you' letter. I was contacted and offered a position by an employer three (3) years after I had interviewed; only because he retained my thank you letter.


    very true cover letter is most important part of the job search

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