When A-listers Stay at Your Hotel

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You're a hotel manager at a luxury hotel. And you just found out that an A-list celebrity (and their entourage) will be staying in one of your best suites. The work begins the minute you hang up the phone.

Typically, you have to handle all the arrangements in tiers. At the top are the principal artist and party (managing agent, PA, friends, relatives). Next come the crew (drivers, caterers, etc). Make-up artists and stylists move in and out of VIP status. Top celebrity actors, directors and producers will insist on first class treatment. Some of their demands can be pretty outrageous. 

For example, Eminem needs a PlayStation for video games, ping-pong table, basketball hoop, giant flat-screen TV, and personal masseur. The Rock group Depeche Mode insists on a dozen drumsticks from Kentucky Fried Chicken and 10 tuna sandwiches—half on white bread, the other half on brown displayed on a bed of lettuce on a tray covered in Saran Wrap. Christina Aguilera must have organic fruits and vegetables, soymilk and soy cheese, Flintstones chewable vitamins, Nesquik and Coca-Cola. Rod Stewart can't stand any light in the room during his afternoon nap. He dispatches a “room darkening” team in advance to seal all cracks. He also needs 13 soccer balls.

Justin Timberlake needs an entire hotel floor, private fitness studio, a super-sized stereo, plus a Nintendo and PlayStation. The floor’s air conditioning filters must be changed before he arrives, and door handles must be disinfected several times during the day.

As you can see, a celebrity's arrival puts the hotel manager and his concierge on full alert.


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