Why Does Customer Service Always Seem So Bad?

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There are an unlimited number of horror stories pertaining to bad customer service across all areas of business. The old adage of the customer always being right no longer seems to apply. Poor customer service can often result in the demise of a company, but this doesn't stop many employees and business owners from treating customers with little to no respect. Here are a few reasons why bad customer service often prevails and why it's important to improve customer service.

According to Matt Walsh with the Huffington Post, one reason a person continually encounters bad customer service is by being a bad customer. Making unreasonable demands, screaming profanities, and handling yourself immaturely will have employees trying to avoid you when you come for additional services. Bad customer service is not always the fault of the company, especially if employees have already done everything to try to placate you. If you always seem to be on the receiving end of poor customer service, you should evaluate how you treat those who wait on you.

The rising cost of merchandise and services and the high cost of health insurance have caused businesses to cut back on full-time experienced workers in favor of a low-paid, younger workforce. This practice often results in a high turnover rate. Managing part-time workers who come and go can make it even more difficult to improve customer service. Many young workers simply lack the experience needed to handle the difficult transactions and other problems that can arise during a normal workday.

A recent study by Colmar Brunton, an Australian-owned market research agency, showed that out of 1,000 individual customer experiences, 70 percent told others about their excellent customer service experiences, while only 58 percent shared the bad. However, those who experienced bad customer service shared their experiences with more people than those who received positive customer service. The most common complaints were poor communication, lack of follow-up from companies concerning orders or questions, and long wait times.

The things your customers say publicly about your company can affect the likelihood that others will return or even try your product or service. As a customer, if you handle yourself with maturity and treat those who wait on you with respect, you will find employees more willing to find a solution to your problems. For businesses, if a customer complains about bad customer service, do your best to remedy the situation as quickly as possible. Mistakes are bound to happen in any business, but the way your employees respond will mean everything.


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