Worst Things Managers Do to Send Workers Packing

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If you have a high turnover rate, take a good look at your managerial skills. Quality employees are quick to move onto something better when they are unhappy in their jobs. Better management techniques help you hold onto your best workers by prioritizing their happiness and growth. Take a look at these common management mistakes along with tips on improving, and start retaining employees for a happy and productive workforce.


One of the quickest ways to send great employees packing is by not telling the truth. Avoid making promises you can't keep, and be honest when sharing information about your company, your department or your employee's current and future work with your organization. Better management requires a strong commitment to transparency and ethics. This builds the trust necessary for a positive long-term relationship.

Neglect Recognition

Every employee deserves recognition for a job well done. Show your best workers how much you appreciate them with prompt verbal and written praise and positive mentions in company publications, plus appropriate bonuses, perks and raises. Give your best workers the best assignments and some room to follow their passions. Better management includes using feedback loops so all employees know how they are doing and have a clear idea of how their specific work is important to the company.

Keep Piling on the Work

Every department has some employees who seem to thrive no matter how heavy their workload. Unfortunately, heaping these workers with everyone else's work is likely to lead to burnout at some point. Ensuring that everyone has an appropriate workload goes a long way toward retaining employees. If you have to increase employees' workload or responsibility level, increase their status and pay too if at all possible. This better management technique lets your workforce know that extra work is valued and compensated.

Stop Managing

One of the biggest manager mistakes is to assume your best employees really don't need managing. Better management is so much more than simple oversight of tasks. Great managers get to know their employees by working alongside them. They understand their workers' strengths, weaknesses and goals. Take the initiative in offering appropriate growth opportunities for each employee you manage, and be ready to share suitable opportunities for advancement with your top staff whenever these opportunities become available.

Although some turnover is inevitable, a steady line of workers heading for the exit is a sure sign that management is not doing a great job. Keep an eye on your ethics, give credit where it is due, and keep work levels reasonable to improve your employee retention. Choose better management methods, including getting to know your workers and providing opportunities to develop and grow, to build a strong department with a quality, long-term workforce.

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