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Making a great first impression with your future employer starts with a dynamic cover letter. This introduction brings out your personality and it helps you to stand out from the crowd. A short piece of correspondence is vital to capturing someone's attention because hiring managers only glance at these letters for a few seconds, so discover some tips that help you maintain brevity while quickly getting to the point.

1. Personality

Be yourself in your cover letter and let your personality shine through in your writing. Mention professional experiences that connect your past jobs to the current position to convince the hiring manager you understand the basic qualifications for the job.

2. Creativity

A strong introduction captures your future boss's eye. Start with a story as to why you have a personal connection with the company. This sounds better than simply stating the reason why you want the job.

3. Customization

Research the company, and customize your cover letter to the specific position. This includes addressing the letter to the hiring manager, using industry-specific verbiage and relating why you are the perfect fit for the job. Talk about the company's mission and how you want to be a part of it in a very specific way.

4. Referrals

If someone at the company referred you, list that person's name towards the beginning of the cover letter. A name makes your letter stand out and it gives the hiring manager a frame of reference for discussing your qualifications with the person who referred you to the job.

5. Grammar and Spelling

Proofread your documents. Read the letter several times, and have someone else look it over. Even a small mistake can be a huge red flag because you didn't pay attention to details.

6. Resume Concerns

Briefly address any possible concerns brought up by your resume, such as gaps in employment. Mention that you volunteered at a local organization and gained relevant experience despite not having a job for an extended period of time. Honesty in your written introduction helps you make a good first impression while alleviating any concerns.

7. Beyond the Resume

Do not just repeat information on your resume. A resume serves as a fact-based snapshot of your career. Your correspondence explains the top reason why you're a perfect fit for the company and why you deserve consideration from the employer.

8. Brevity

Keep your cover letter short and to the point. This gives the hiring manager fewer words to skim over as he reads why you're a dynamite hire and why you deserve an interview. A friendly tone and fewer words help make your future boss's job easier, and that's always a good thing.

Your cover letter explains why you are a great fit for the firm in as few words as possible while helping your personality come through in your words. Take advantage of these tips to increase your chances of getting called for interviews.

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