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If you're using a generic cover letter every time you send out your resume, you're overlooking the importance of the document and missing out on a valuable opportunity to sell yourself. Before mailing out that next application packet, consider these seven reasons why cover letters are an important part of the job search process.

1. Introduce You to the Company

Use your cover letter to make a positive first impression on recruiters. Summarize the reasons why you are qualified for the position, and tell what you can offer the company. A well-written cover letter lets you shine and stand out from other candidates.

2. Show Your Personality

While your resume lists your education and experience, the cover letter lets you add personal flair to your application packet. Include unique information that isn't conveyed in your resume to demonstrate to the hiring manager why you're the best fit for the position.

3. Demonstrate Your Abilities

Crafting an impeccably written cover letter is added proof to the hiring organization that you possess excellent attention to detail. Including a flawless cover letter with your resume gives you the opportunity to convey professionalism and competency.

4. Provide an Overview

Think of your cover letter as an introduction to your resume. The cover letter briefly summarizes your skills and qualifications so the hiring manager can easily determine what you can offer the organization. Recruiters who appreciate brevity may opt to read cover letters only rather than perusing lengthy resumes.

5. Advertise Your Qualifications

Your cover letter is a sales tool that helps sell you as a candidate to the potential employer. While your resume provides all of the detailed information as backup, the cover letter highlights the education background, work experiences, job skills and outstanding achievements that make you the best candidate for the job.

6. Fill in the Blanks

If your resume contains gaps in your employment history, use the cover letter to explain the circumstances. If you're embarking on a new career path, provide an explanation in your cover letter. The cover letter presents an excellent opportunity to include subjective information that doesn't fit into the resume, including your career aspirations.

7. Adds Value to the Resume

The cover letter and resume work hand in hand, complementing one another and providing value. The resume proves your background and experiences, while the cover letter provides a personalized touch that demonstrates why your qualifications make you the best candidate for the job.

To increase your chances of a successful job search, take the time to personalize every cover letter and resume you send. Hiring managers easily spot one-size-fits-all cover letters, and exerting effort to create a customized document demonstrates your motivation and attention to detail, traits that are sure to impress any organization.

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    I've had had an unfortunate job change from a Substance abuse Counselor intern and caseworker to having to start a new career where I can apply my pass skills.

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