Administrative Jobs (and Salaries) on the Rise

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Things are looking up for administrative professionals, especially if you're experienced in the field and have some people and high tech skill sets.

New research released by Robert Half shows a number of promising career fields for 2012. They include accounting and finance, legal and administrative services. All show increases in starting salaries and demand among the nation's employers. What these positions have in common is that they help businesses improve efficiency, customer service and their bottom line. Those hoping to enter these fields face stiff competition in this down economy. Candidates must bring a variety of skill sets, a track record of success and a strong sense of accountability to the table. 

Among the hottest administrative jobs is that of Senior Administrative Assistant. Many firms trimmed support staff down to bare bones levels during the downturn and are now adding administrative staff. Many understaffed departments are eager to boost their departments' efficiencies and become more productive. Most in demand are senior administrative assistants with the latest technical skills, specific industry expertise and supervision experience. Starting salaries for these experienced professionals are expected to jump 3.1 percent, reaching upwards of $32,500 to $41,750.

Another "hot commodity" is the senior business analyst. These professionals are expected to see the largest jump in starting salaries—up 5 percent and topping out at $85,500. Firms of all sizes are on the prowl for highly skilled analysts to improve the efficiency and power of existing systems and to leverage new hardware and software. 

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