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Holiday fashions are likely to see a surge as consumers shop for gifts this year, according to the 2016 Holiday Survey by Deloitte. In fact, clothing is forecasted to make up approximately 50 percent of the gifts your loved ones may unwrap this season. Therefore, you need to know how to provide the best customer service and viable options for your customers by spotlighting these 'hot for the holiday' buys.

The Viable Velvet

As consumers anticipate cooler temperatures, they also expect warmer clothing options. Among one of the most sought-after fabrics for holiday fashion this year is velvet and plush, according to the 2016 Holiday Survey. Expect your customers to seek out velvet heels, slippers and pants to keep their style in check and their bodies warm. Wardrobe basics made of plush fabric and velvet are also a top priority for designer manufacturers such as Gucci, Michael Kors and Jeffrey Campbell.

The Trendy Sneaker

A push for comfort is no surprise as holiday fashion rears its head. According to Senior Retail Analyst at Edited Katie Smith, expect to see bold colors and red hot sneakers on display at holiday gatherings. Classic high-top sneakers and canvas-crafted Vans are among the top picks this year as the younger generation conquers the retail market. A relaxed look is also in store for millennial brides trading in their uncomfortable heels for a trendy pair of sneakers. In fact, formal wear is taking a casual approach with sneakers and Vans paired with suits and dressy trousers, similar to what Frank Ocean, singer and songwriter, wore to a state dinner at the White House. Look for your customers to seek out checkered patterns to wear with solids for their casual and formal gatherings.

The Boot Boom

Although the hunters are out in full force during the fall and winter season, holiday fashions are moving toward accommodating haute hikers this year. Mod-inspired, over-the-ankle boots are predicted to rise in sales versus the duck boots of the past. Ramp up your customer service efforts in the shoe department, and put those block-heeled and embellished boots on the main display as customers seek out dusty pastels and metallic-inspired boots this holiday season.

The Fashionable Yet Functional Quest

Don't expect your customers to sacrifice comfort when choosing holiday fashion items this season. Instead, they are seeking both. Shoes and clothing that offer a lightweight feel and a comfortable fit are top priority for your shoppers. Put those spunky heels with a padded footbed in the spotlight to ramp up your sales and cater to your consumers as holiday shopping continues to surge.

Your service and sales strategies must tie directly to what consumers are seeking this season. Since holiday fashions are a top priority for consumers, break out the trendy holiday looks with your displays to capture more attention and boost your sales.

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