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Every manager needs to have the technical knowledge to succeed in that position, such as how to juggle employee schedules, set goals for each employee and get a diverse group of people to work together. Discover three skills that every supervisor must have, according to a licensed psychologist who routinely works with high-powered Silicon Valley tech firms.

Embrace Failure

Learn from your mistakes rather than seeing your job as success versus failure. Every manager makes mistakes at some point in his career, and that's totally normal. It's how you respond to these perceived failures that make you truly successful even when you believe you failed.

Rather than get upset that you failed at something, acknowledge you should have handled a situation differently. Write about it in a journal and get to the bottom of what happened. Analyze the situation and make note of what you must do the next time you face a similar situation to have a different outcome. The only failure is when you fail to learn, and every manager should recognize that learning from mistakes is a natural part of growing into a successful boss.

Give Everyone a Chance to Contribute

Treat every idea as if it's a good one. This doesn't mean give an employee lip service by simply saying, "Hey, that's a great idea." You should give the idea serious thought by listening intently and displaying genuine communication by engaging with the teammate. Even if the idea is not implemented, you get to see what each employee brings to the table in terms of a skill set while also seeing what motivates workers when they come up with an idea to improve some aspect of the workplace.

Actively listening to team members makes them feel as if they're part of a team, which is something every manager should strive for when it comes to having more productive employees. This breeds a culture of innovation and respect.

Set Clear Goals

Every manager should set clear goals for the team and leave no doubt as to what happens when someone reaches these goals. This shows employees you trust them to get the job done and understand the strengths of everyone on the team. When you inspire employees to do their best, they work harder and become more excited and engaged at the office. Learn to delegate important tasks to teammates, because that prevents you from becoming overworked, and it makes the team stronger when others learn new skills.

The reason why you need these three skills is because every manager must develop soft skills on the way to becoming an executive. If you want to climb all the way to the top of the corporate ladder, developing these behaviors earlier in your career is crucial to success.

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