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Almost everyone would rather be doing something other than working, but we know we must. But the work you do – do you love it? Do you at least enjoy it enough to not despise it? Are you enjoying what you do, or just doing what you must to survive? Getting into a job you at least appreciate and can feel a bit of excitement about doing will be a real life/attitude changing experience, and should be something you have set as a goal to acquire soon.


Having a job you dread is really something that messes with your attitude; I know from experience with past jobs I have had.  I could be at home with an hour or two left before having to go to work, and may choose to sit and read or something, but all the while, in the back of my mind is that dreaded countdown till work. Having that clicking away ends up distracting me from being able to concentrate or enjoy much of anything. Then once I get to work, it becomes a countdown for when it is time to leave, which just adds more frustration to life. Also, while counting down the time, there are the constant desires to be anywhere else, doing anything else besides that work. All of those feelings not only affect us mentally and emotionally, but they also cause an increase in stress levels which can cause our body to release various chemicals/hormones that can actually affect our health.


Being in a job you love is much better for you on all sides, and should be something we all strive for. Even if it is not something you can flat-out say you love, it should at least be something you appreciate and do not despise. If you are somehow “stuck” in such a job, find ways to work within that job to make it something you can appreciate more than you currently do. If there is just no way around the negative feelings you have about your work, it may be time to seriously consider a career change.


Honestly, you should know when it has become that time to move on from the job you are in; you just need to see about lining up something to step into before moving on. If you countdown the time and dread going in, and then countdown the time till you go home, and in between you daydream of all the things you’d rather be doing, and the things you are doing are driving you crazy, it is time to make a change.


Some people get stuck in a job, doing it for years, advance some within it, and though still are not happy with the job, they feel too entrenched to make the move. They tell themselves over and over that they want to make a change, but never stop to make any plans or take any action to accomplish that change, and with the economy being what it is, it is always fearful to step out of the security of a job. Maybe just up and quitting is not a realistic option; even so, it may just be time to take a hard look at yourself and your career path, and at least begin making some plans to shift tracks to get on a path that is more satisfying mentally and physically.


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