How to Get a Job as a Customer Service Manager

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Customer service manager positions in the retail field may seem fairly common, but competition for them is often fierce. Those looking for management positions in customer service need to stand out from other applicants and ensure that they impress hiring managers and human resources representatives. There are many ways to find and land customer service manager positions, and the right fit for you may not be as difficult as you think.

As a customer service manager, you should be comfortable performing tasks related to managing employees, which may include payroll, scheduling, and training. Great managers are also personable and able to build relationships with customers and coworkers. This job can be stressful when working through customer or employee conflicts, as well as during holidays, when you will likely have to work longer hours than normal. According to Nexxt's salary center, the national average for a customer service manager's salary is $44,210.

The first step in searching for a customer service manager job in the retail field is to identify open positions in your area. One way you can find jobs is to search for customer service manager jobs on Nexxt, and add your city and state or zip code to see local positions. If you have experience in a specific sector, such as groceries or clothing, looking for openings in related stores might provide your best chances. Otherwise, visiting your favorite stores and talking to representatives directly may give you the lead you need to find local customer service manager positions. Online tools can help you find both local and nationwide positions, but appearing in person with a professional demeanor can sometimes give you an advantage over applicants applying anonymously online.

Once you have identified retail job opportunities available in your market, you need to begin the process of selling your skills and experience to those looking to hire a customer service manager. Customers and managers have different takes on service, and being a successful manager often hinges on identifying your own take and applying your experience and knowledge toward helping others deliver top-notch service. Customer service retail job positions are likely to require an exceptional amount of direct interaction with customers, especially compared to management positions in other fields. You need to understand how to handle escalated emotions and difficult situations quickly and effectively—and you need to be able to communicate this skill to potential employers. 

Another task commonly delegated to the customer service manager in the retail market is the creation of a strong workplace culture and service ethic. Retail workers in customer service may divide their time between sales, customer retention, and many other duties. When you seek a management position, you are likely to encounter a series of questions from hiring managers determined to gauge your ability to understand and enact the many policies and procedures related to this task as well as instruct and coach others on how to deliver top-notch service. These types of questions give you the ability to demonstrate your leadership abilities and convince potential employers that you are the right fit for the position.

Finding the right job opening, selling your skills, and demonstrating your leadership qualities are all important steps in getting a job as a customer service manager. This process can help you find fulfilling work in customer service and lead others to success in the field as a management professional.


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